The 10 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Chatuchak, Bangkok

Be sure to fill up before exploring Chatuchak
Be sure to fill up before exploring Chatuchak | © anokarina / Flickr
Sarah Williams

Whether visiting Chatuchak for its markets, beautiful green spaces, family-friendly attractions, or something else altogether, take a morning break and refuel at one of these top breakfast and brunch joints.

1. Chatuchak Café

Hotel Restaurant, American, Thai, European

© Masayuki (Yuki) Kawagishi / Flickr

Chatuchak Café is located within the Centara Grand hotel. While a breakfast and brunch menu is available, the extensive buffet is a fabulous way for hungry early birds to sample a wide range of international and Thai morning fare. From fruit, pastries, and various types of bread, to salads, hot dishes, sweet treats, and more, you may need to loosen your belt a few notches after eating here! Vegetarian options are available as well as choices to suit different dietary requirements. The laid-back atmosphere will make you feel right at home.

2. Treat Cafe and Hang Out

Cafe, American, Thai, European

Fruit scone with jam and cream
© Kathryn Yengel / Flickr

Treat Cafe and Hang Out is a relaxing Chatuchak café with different areas to suit varying moods. Chill in the leafy glasshouse, the peaceful garden, the bean bag relaxation area, or the Scandinavian-inspired dining room. There’s even a tree house for you to climb! Freshly baked goodies make for a quick breakfast on the go, with sweet and savoury options available. There are plenty more food options for a more substantial sit-down meal, including buffalo wings, Thai sausage, pasta, salads, and omelette over rice. The honey toast provides a sugary fix for a morning burst of energy.

3. Liebe Cafe

Cafe, American, Thai

© jen / Flickr

If you like your morning coffee strong, you’ll be more than happy with the caffeine-loaded beverages made at Liebe Cafe. Prefer something fruity? Order a smoothie instead. There are always bountiful sweet treats to tempt you, and the food menu changes with the seasons so as to use fresh produce as much as possible. Brilliant brunch options may include roasted sesame chicken salad, a succulent burger with fries, and buttery croissants.

4. Product of Gargoyle

Cafe, American

Pancakes with fruit
© Stephanie Kraus / Flickr

If you’re visiting the gigantic Chatuchak Weekend Market, Product of Gargoyle is an interesting spot to eat in the morning. The shop was initially a place to buy plants, garden ornaments, and miniature gardens, but it later expanded to include a quirky cafe. Sit among the foliage and blooms, with cheery bunting hanging overhead, and order goodies like waffles, pancakes, cookies, and cakes to fill the hole in your stomach. Coffee, juice, and sodas are available, too.

5. Vegetarian Cottage

Restaurant, Healthy, Thai, Vegetarian

Tofu and ramen
© Marco Verch / Flickr
A large restaurant that has been done out to resemble a rustic cottage in the rolling English countryside, Vegetarian Cottage is a top place for people who want to ditch meaty meals and dine on veggie-friendly fare. Meals are not only meat-free; they are ethical and sustainable too. The rich menu features dishes with inspirations from various countries, including Japan, China, Italy, and, of course, Thailand. While the later opening hours won’t accommodate those looking for an early-morning feed, it’s a great place for brunch or an early lunch.

6. Thitaree Restaurant

Restaurant, Thai

Vegetable tempura
© secretlondon123 / Flickr

Located next to the green and lush Rot Fai Park, Thitaree Restaurant is a calm and soothing place to enjoy a morning meal. Sit outside and soak up the natural views, or pop indoors for a refreshing blast of cool air conditioning. Meals are beautifully presented, with items such as grilled chicken with fries, salad, and garlic bread, crispy vegetable tempura, som tam (spicy papaya salad), grilled fish, and spicy soups. Tuck into a Thai brunch and savour the balance of flavours as you enjoy the serene ambience. The early opening hours make it good for those who want to enjoy a typical Thai breakfast too.

7. Espresso Gallery

Cafe, American

Coffee and toast
© ashton / Flickr
A great place for brunch, Espresso Gallery can be found between Chatuchak and the popular expat area of Ladprao. Fried chicken salad, waffle sandwiches artfully served on a wooden chopping board, the comforting BLT sandwich, spicy pork with salmon, honey toast, pesto pasta, and Greek salad are just a few items to choose from. The cafe offers a combination of Thai food and international fare. There are many sweet treats too and the rainbow crepe cake is especially pretty. Instagram-loving foodies will be delighted by the latte art too.

8. The Breakfast Club

Cafe, European, American

Yoghurt and fruit
© Marco Verch / Flickr

A small and intimate cafe inside the sprawling weekend market, The Breakfast Club is a terrific spot for brunch as well as an earlier meal. Many items are home-made, including thick fruity yoghurts that are bursting with flavour. If you’re planning to shop till you drop, the hearty ham and eggs with onion and tomato, served in a pan with charcoal bread on the side, will give you heaps of energy. Sandwiches on chunky bread come with a variety of fillings and there are lighter bites, like cereal and fruit, too.

9. Saman Islam

Restaurant, Thai, Halal

Massaman curry
© Guilhem Vellut / Flickr

Muslim visitors to Chatuchak Market will be especially pleased to come across Saman Islam. The halal restaurant serves up an assortment of Thai dishes prepared using Muslim-friendly meats. You’ll also find specialities from the Thai Muslim community, including the enormously popular massaman curry and biryani rice dishes. There are many ready-made meals to choose between and you can also easily order whatever catches your eye on the large and colourful picture menu on the wall. The restaurant also serves an assortment of Thai desserts.

10. Cafe Amazon

Cafe, Thai

Coffee beans
© Theo Crazzolara / Flickr

If you just want a morning nibble rather than a full meal, the popular chain of Cafe Amazon has a branch close to Morchit bus station. Although it’s primarily a place to get a variety of hot and cold drinks to drink there or to go, you’ll still find a basic selection of snacks and sweets. It could be an ideal place for a quick and easy light bite while on the go.

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