The Best Nightclubs in Taichung

A wild night out
A wild night out | © shbs / Pixabay
Ciaran McEneaney

Taichung has a reputation for having a vibrant nightlife, and with so many bars and pubs to choose from for a night out on the town, it’s little wonder. Yet, it’s not just pubs that whet the locals’ appetite for a night out. Taichung was once home to some of the island’s most famous nightclubs, and although many have since shut down, there are still a few places to enjoy a night of drinks and dancing.

1. 18TC

Nightclub, Asian

A lively nightclub in the heart of Taichung City, 18TC has two rooms that often play completely different styles of music. It’s a popular place with the younger generation and will often have drink specials on certain nights of the week. Perhaps because of its two rooms, 18TC has a smaller club feel that makes it feel a little packed at the weekends. Nevertheless, this is one of Taichung’s best clubs for music that is not necessarily electronic dance music.


Nightclub, Asian

One of Taichung’s most famous nightclubs, Muse is a club with a raucous atmosphere. It’s the place for clubbers to be at the weekend, and so it’s not uncommon to have to queue for a while before getting in. The drinks are typical club prices, and the music is loud and upbeat. They sometimes have guest DJs, and it’s definitely a good spot for partying all night long.


Nightclub, Asian

A lively nightclub in Taichung’s Nantun District, XCUBE is located not too far from 18TC. This club is quite small and has an odd layout, but other than that it’s a great place for a night out. The music is the standard club dance music, while the drink menu is impressive. It’s a popular place for students, so party-goers can expect a crowd here similar to that at 18TC. Like all the other clubs on this list, XCUBE stays open until 4am, which is the standard for places in Taichung.

4. Rave Club

Nightclub, Asian

A small club in Taichung with a great vibe, Rave Club has a name that makes it an appealing choice for lovers of proper dance music. However, despite its name, this is no underground techno club. Rave Club is simply a small nightclub that plays decent music and has a very nice atmosphere. If you’re not interested in big crowds and long queues, then this is a great option for a lively night out away from the bigger crowds at the other clubs on this list.

Although Taichung used to be a city full of nightclubs, the demand for craft beer and a relaxing atmosphere has seen many close with smaller bars and pubs opening in their places. And despite what clubbers may think, this is actually a good thing. Fewer clubs means better crowds at those that remain in business. This means that whichever club you choose, it’s likely to have a good atmosphere with plenty of clubbers enjoying a night out.

So whether it’s a night out with friends over a few cold ones or a crazy all-nighter of dancing and cocktails, Taichung has it covered.

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