How to Find a Date in Seoul, South Korea

Dress for Success
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Dating can be hard, especially in South Korea where the locals live a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. However, there is still some hope for anyone to meet their perfect match in Seoul – and here is how.

Local or Expat?

First, you need to ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for, as this depends on where you can find them. While South Korea isn’t your typical multicultural country, there are still thousands of foreigners living in the capital.

Dating in Seoul

The Expat

If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you’ll have an easy time finding other foreigners to date. Currently, there are around two million foreigners living in South Korea, most of whom live in Seoul. Most of them are here for business, and the majority of expats from an English-speaking country work as teachers or are in the military. Consider that you’re likely to speak a common language and won’t have to deal with the language barrier, whereas if you are looking to date a local, you might encounter some difficulties.

The Local

However, dating a local is also fun and gives you the chance to expand your horizons, pick up some Korean words and phrases and learn more about Korean culture. Join local language exchange groups or Korean classes to mingle with local Koreans. Not only will you make new friends (and potential dates), but you’ll also learn about cultural faux-pas and be ready when you’re on your first date out.

Dress to Impress

South Koreans put great effort into their appearance. They love to dress well and also take care of their skin. Head to Seoul’s main shopping districts in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun – or Gangnam if you’re looking for something fancy – and polish your wardrobe. You’ll certainly impress your date when wearing something that’s totally in style in Korea.

Dress for Success

Where To Find Your Date

Because of Seoul’s tremendous size, the options of where to find a date are literally endless. Here are some of the best places to start looking.

Language Exchange

Like mentioned above, language exchange groups are a great way to meet new people – both local and foreign. The great advantage is that you’ll likely to meet someone eager to learn about new countries. The language barrier problem is also minimized as Korean participants will speak English. There’s a large exchange meet-up group regularly meeting in Hongdae and Gangnam.


If you are a party animal, it shouldn’t be too hard to meet new people out clubbing. Itaewon and Gangnam have some of the hottest bars and there is also a large LGBT community with fun bars around Seoul.

PC Bang

Nerds also won’t have a hard time finding their soulmate in Korea. If you are into gaming, head to a local PC room, also called PC bang, and you’ll get the chance to not only have fun playing online games but also meet people with the same interests.


If nothing works for you in the real world, you can always try looking for people online. Tinder is very popular among Koreans, but language exchange apps like HelloTalk are also great for engaging with people.

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