The Best Bars In East Bangalore, India

2AB1B7W Bengaluru city, Muslim Jamia Masjid mosque, religion of Islam, tall white towers with gold moon in shape of crescent and star as Islamic symbol
2AB1B7W Bengaluru city, Muslim Jamia Masjid mosque, religion of Islam, tall white towers with gold moon in shape of crescent and star as Islamic symbol
Naintara Gurung

Step inside the eastern stretch of the Silicon Valley and you’ll find a thriving nightlife, with vibrant bars in every nook and corner of East Bangalore. Whether you’re enjoying a bloody Mary or feel a wee heavy scorching down your throat, explore the 10 best watering holes in East Bangalore with this list.

1. Windmills Craftworks

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Courtesy of Windmills Craftworks

This microbrewery is an ideal setting for visitors who crave the old regular pint and a hefty chunk of fish and chips dipped in tartar sauce. Windmills Craftworks is an elegant surprise that boasts a sophisticated ambiance, drawing in massive corporate gatherings. Enriched with classic interiors and soft lights, this microbrewery features a charming terraced outlet and a cozy library where customers can unwind. The jazz theater at Windmills Craftworks has exhibited exceptional talent from around the world. Their lineage of handcrafted ales needs to be mentioned. Try the Stout, a pure English mix of roasted barley and pale malt that you can enjoy with a spicy grilled appetizer.

2. The Fatty Bao

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Courtesy of The Fatty Bao

A visit to this exotic Asian gastro-bar is a creative expedition that brings you to beautifully lit interiors with palm trees. Customers will enjoy The Fatty Bao signature dish, a meaty plateful of Bao. Those who enjoy a strong drink should try the Micky Ninja – vodka mixed with a dash of Jameson Whisky and toppled with fresh orange and cucumber slices. A pan-Asian delicacy, the Char Siu Bao, BBQ pork belly bao simmered in Hoisin sauce is a good choice if you’re grabbing one of their classics – a bottle of green apple and basil white wine. Another popular cocktail is the Mandalay Bay that serves jasmine tea infused with a shot of vodka, lemon zest and a pinch of ginger.

3. Toit Brewpub

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Courtesy of Toit Brewpub
One of East Bangalore’s best bars, Toit promises a hearty assortment of pub grub and their heritage of naturally crafted beers. Toit Brewpub offers a fabulous menu including highlighted dishes such as barbecue wings or a goodness of pan seared Italian pizzas. The epitome of fine dining, Toit Brewpub offers everything you’d want at a single place – wholesome, heavenly beer and the richness of Italian-American cuisine. This brick walled brewery stands out from other bars bars, adding foot tapping music to their excellent hospitality. Enjoy a concoction of TinTin Toit in an upbeat ambiance at the Toit.

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