The Top Things To See And Do At Palolem Beach, Goa

Palolem Beach, Goa, India
Palolem Beach, Goa, India | Photo by Sumit Sourav on Unsplash
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Known for its chilled-out party vibe and tourist beaches, Goa is a popular destination for holidaying in India. With long stretches of coast there are many beach resorts to choose from, but not many retain such natural serenity as Palolem Beach. Visit Palolem for traditional culture, unmissable activities and well deserved relaxation.

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Laze On The beach And Swim In The Arabian Sea

Beautiful view of tropical sunset beach with bungalow and coconut palm trees at Palolem in Goa, India

With a 1.5 kilometer stretch of white powdery sand lined with tall coconut palms and bamboo beach huts, spend a day absorbing the peaceful surroundings. The beach’s curvature offers a view of the entire picture-perfect environment from both of its ends. The Arabian Sea is a shade of sapphire and offers a refreshing dip too, whether you choose to don your swimwear or bathe, like a local, fully clothed. The tide can generate some powerful waves appropriate for a bit of playful body boarding. Cows happily bask by the waterfront but the stray dogs can be a tad pesky.

Do A Yoga Class

Indian yoga master and his international students meditate at sunset on the Goa beach, India

A traditional Indian pastime, there is no better place to align body and mind than in Palolem’s effortless splendour. There are many places around to attend a drop-in yoga class and a number of resorts offer morning and evening classes. Try Arunachala’s Yoga Retreat and immerse in the ashram way of life. Whether a beginner or an experienced yogi, Palolem beach is the perfect environment for generating that positive energy.

Eat Traditional Indian Food

When it comes to culinary delicacies, the vibrant fishing culture of Goa makes for some sensational seafood. Try some freshly caught fish brought in by the boats or taste the exceptional South Indian cuisine on the menus at most restaurants in Palolem. Opt for a Thali to sample a number of curries with juxtaposing yet complementing flavours and a sustaining fill of rice and chappati.

Go Dolphin Spotting

Browse the shoreline and haggle for a well-priced boat trip. An enjoyable sail cruising out to sea, even for those partial to sea sickness, spotting the magnificent dolphins is totally rewarding. Although they’re bashful creatures at heart, they never fail to impress with their streamline bodies and lively characters.

Party At Silent Noise Disco

Set in what appears to be a sandy circus arena with a sparse arrangement of rocks, Silent Noise Disco comes to life after dark. Goa, a rare Indian state where it is legal to consume alcohol, still tries to retain local peace by enforcing a noise ban after 10pm. Silent Noise manages to sidestep this with a technicality; providing headphones so that punters are appropriately equipped to soundlessly disco the night away under a blanket of twinkling stars.

Go Adventuring

If beach bumming doesn’t set your heart racing then fear not, there are plenty of activities for the brave adrenaline junkie here too. From canyoning to trekking, Goa Jungle Adventure provides the experiences you need to get your pulse raised and your stomach leaping. A short trip away from the main town of Chaudi, this is an unforgettable daytrip to make while staying in Palolem Beach.

Get An Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

For the ultimate beach relaxation, treat yourself to an ayurvedic massage. At an extremely reasonable price compared to prices found in Europe, its essential to book in to a high end spa to receive a top quality massage here. What’s more, the Indian experts in the ground will ensure customers receive the real deal, all set to the sounds of Goa’s lapping waves.

Visit Monkey Island

Two wild monkeys

Take a stroll along the coastline to the North end of Palolem beach, when the tide is low it is possible to reach Canacona Island, nicknamed Monkey Island due to the monkeys that live there. It takes a little rock hopping skill but the clambering adds to the intrigue of the island, which is reminiscent of a classical paradise. If a journey over rocks isn’t tempting, boats regularly make small voyages around the island too.

Rent A Bike

Bordering a number of other beaches, layered side-by-side like an idyllic beach trifle, there is plenty of ground to explore other than just Palolem in this southern section of Goa. Rent a bicycle from a number of places in the village and set out whichever way your inner compass is pointing. To the North of Palolem beach is Butterfly Beach and to the South is Patnem, both exuding a utopian allure. Cycling may be a slightly sweaty affair but there’s plenty of sea in which to cool off once you’ve ditched the two wheelers.

Visit Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Japanese rock garden on Palolem beach in Goa, India

A short distance from Palolem and not just for nature lovers, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary boasts an array of exotic towering trees and other tropical plants as well as protected wildlife. Although the animals are well concealed sometimes, catching a glimpse of a wild boar remains an exciting possibility. It is possible to climb up a watchtower overlooking a waterhole popular amongst the animals at dawn and dusk, so keep your eyes peeled and imagine some David Attenborough-style commentary to accompany your time in the nature.

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