The Best Restaurants In Bangalore South

Shreyas Kulkarni

Bangalore was once a quiet city with gorgeous gardens and silent lanes, often the preferred destination of retirees and pensioners. These days, it’s one of the world’s most vital cities and the capital of India’s thriving IT sector. The rise of the information industry has led to a diverse crowd arriving to make Bangalore their home and has changed the city completely. Today, it’s home to a plethora of cuisines and people. From Mexican and Indian to Chinese or Greek, you can taste it all in Bangalore, here’s our top picks.

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1. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms

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Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, or MTR, is nothing less than an institution. It’s a legendary joint, feeding the IT town its stock South Indian fare. The restaurant has undergone no change or renovation since it opened and yet, the crowds line up for a taste of the famous Masala Dosa, laden with ghee. The Bisibelebhath, also with lashings of pure ghee, is another signature dish that’s worth a try. Get there in good time for tiffin, as they run out of these items fast and you’ll be turned away without so much as an apology. A must do activity for those visiting Bangalore.

2. Absolute Barbecue

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Absolute Barbecue, India’s first wish grill restaurant is a dimly lit, smoky restaurant that will tantalize with its aromas. The restaurant is quite big with muted lighting; there is a feeling of entering a busy American diner. The four counters — the wish grill, bar, dessert counter and main course — are inviting, and the rush of waiters and customers adds to the liveliness. The menu is laden with exotic meats, with options such as rabbit, emu, quail, squid, shark and octopus. The smaller grill on the table has the regular meats and vegetables cooked on skewers, and some starters are plated and served. Great ambiance, good food at reasonable prices and prompt service makes AB’s a must visit.

3. Grasshopper

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Afghani Mutton Shorba
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Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri opened Grasshopper in 2002 as a space that combines design and food. Surrounded by trees and flowering plants with a stylishly minimalist fashion store as the backdrop, Grasshopper has a picture perfect setting. The management makes sure they procure fresh produce, and prefer to serve small, intimate groups. The restaurant serves European and Mediterranean cuisines. You can call ahead and book, state your choice of seafood and meats and leave the rest to the idealistic and talented chef. The restaurant, with its pretty garden, sunny and crisp by day, magical and mellow at night, is a terrific place for romantic dates.

4. Sultans of Spice

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Located on the fourth level of the Blu Petal Hotel is Sultans of Spice, a fine dining restaurant serving hearty north Indian fare. Recessed arches in the walls display old Delhi and Mughal elements, and an open kitchen displays the karigari of the chefs. A bar counter in one corner stocks a modest collection of beverages. Start with the Ananas ka Panna, made with roasted pineapple, chaat masala, chilli and salt. The unusual Paneer Gulle ka Korma made with cottage cheese balls is also worth a try as is the Bhuna Ghosth, a delectable dry preparation in a well balanced masala. The restaurant also makes delicious seasonal kulfis like Mango and Chikoo. A complementary Paan drink is served in a shot glass at the end of your meal.

5. Vidyarthi Bhavan

Restaurant, Vegetarian, Indian, Vegan

This list started with a legendary restaurant and ends with one as well. Vidyarthi Bhavan, a heritage South Indian vegetarian restaurant, started in 1943 is today an indispensable part of Bangalore heritage. The interiors have remained unchanged for many decades and so has the furniture. The food has also kept its consistent quality. The Idli and Kharabhath have many takers, but it’s the Vidyarthi Bhavan Masala Dosa, that’s the crowd puller. Regulars have been coming here for years, and you can count among them, chief ministers and bureaucrats.

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