The Best Fitness Studios in Kolkata for a Good Workout

gedankenschantz pixabay
gedankenschantz pixabay
Sridevi Nambiar

With plenty of gyms, yoga, pilates studios, dance classes, and the great outdoors, Kolkata has much to offer anyone looking to get moving. However, if you are looking for an untraditional workout experience that has more to offer than a session at a typical gym or a good morning jog, these trendy and innovative fitness studios are where you should be headed.

1. Rave Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio, Gym, School

This hip studio claims to blend the best of time-tested fitness essentials with cutting-edge modern exercise science to help you reach your goals. Their training programs include Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Hypertrophy, Mixed Martial Arts, Strong Man training, and Powerlifting. If monotonous routines with old-school gym equipment bores you or if you are looking to not just lose weight or gain muscle but boost your strength and endurance, then look no further than Rave.

2. Karma Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio

With state of the art equipment, enthusiastic trainers, a well-maintained steam and sauna, Karma Fitness Studio has something to offer everyone. Their dynamic group classes in Pilates, power yoga, aerobics, and kickboxing are particularly popular. If you would like to follow your workout with nutritional guidance, they have certified nutritionists to guide you as well.

3. Quads Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio, Gym

“Sustainable health” is what the Quad attempts to help its clients achieve. In practice, that means you will be working less with traditional gym equipment and encouraged to look beyond restrictive diets. With a strong focus on functional fitness, Quad offers intense workouts that take from the best of global trends in fitness—from HIIT to kettle bell training. Super dedicated trainers and a good sense of community among patrons add to the charm of this dynamic fitness studio.

4. Flash Fitness

Fitness Studio

If dance fitness sounds like the best way to get your body moving, then this dynamic studio in central Kolkata will delight you. With packed classes in Zumba, belly dancing, Salsa, Ballet, and more, Flash offers you multiple intense workout options. And it doesn’t just stop at dance—the studio also routinely hosts kickboxing and power yoga classes in addition to interesting workshops.

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