11 Impressive Architectural Landmarks in Gwalior, India

A part of the Gwalior Fort on the hill top
A part of the Gwalior Fort on the hill top | © Dan/Flickr
Richa Jain

The city of Gwalior has been a witness to many historical events. And the reflection of its glorious past can be seen in a number of architectural remains spread across the city. From temples and shrines to museums and palaces, dive deep into the bygone era as you go exploring the most impressive architectural landmarks here.

1. Gujari Mahal


Gujari Mahal, Gwalior Fort
© Manuel Menal/Flickr
Gujari Mahal is archaeologically the most important place to visit in Gwalior. It was built by Raja Man Singh for his beloved wife, Mrignayani. Gujari Mahal was built away from the Man Singh Palace because the queen demanded a continuous water supply from the then existent river, Rai. It has now been turned into an archaeological museum, and holds a collection of ancient Jain and Hindu sculptures. For a close look at the architecture of the 15th century, you must visit this amazing place.

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