Seychelles' Top Restaurants

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When you come to Seychelles you can expect an amazing range of restaurants, from pub grub to fine dining, there are plenty of options so you can dine somewhere different every night. We’re sharing the very best restaurants Seychelles has to offer on the three most popular islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

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Some of these are in or associated with hotels; generally hotels in Seychelles are more than happy to accommodate outside guests – just be sure to call ahead to check.

]Seychelles fish curry with coconut rice , traditional Seychellois recipe for a typical curry of red snapper cooked in fish stock.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is unquestionably the most famous restaurant in Seychelles. It was even officially declared a national monument in 2011. The building itself is well over 100 years old, so if you’re looking for traditional Seychelles cuisine on Mahe this is where you should go. The restaurant opened in 1972 and boasts proudly that the menu remains unchanged. You’ll find all of the Creole classics, including bat curry, made with local ingredients. Great quality food and in a stunning setting.

La Plaine St Andre

The La Plaine St Andre estate was built in 1792. Back then it was home to Copra kilns (for drying coconut) and a spice garden. Today it’s home to the Takamaka rum distillery and amazing restaurant. The restaurant is in the old plantation house, which has been beautifully restored. You will find traditional food as well as their own contemporary twists on Creole food. All of which is served beautifully and tastes fantastic. The cocktail menu is something truly special there too – an absolute must try!

La Scala

Specialising in high end Italian food with a Creole touch, La Scala has long been regarded as one of the top restaurants in Seychelles. Italian Chef Gianni Torsi and Silvana, a husband and wife team, run the restaurant with a huge amount of love and passion for what they do. You’ll want to book a table as far in advance as possible as the restaurant is almost always full.


Bravo is a great restaurant if you’re looking for good quality western food. Portion sizes are huge so be sure to come hungry! Located on Eden Island, the restaurant has a stunning view looking out onto the marina, where you’ll see some of the most amazing yachts in the world.

Les Rochers

Les Rochers is one of the hidden gems of Praslin island. It is not particularly well advertised and it doesn’t even have it’s own website – but it’s so good, it doesn’t have to! The restaurant was built using traditional methods, it’s made out of stone with a thatched roof and looks fantastic. This alone makes it stand out, as these methods are not commonly used any more, and the food speaks for itself here. The menu is mostly made up of fresh local fish and seafood served in a variety of local dishes. The atmosphere is always amazing, and the setting really is beautiful. Located on the coast road, it is a little out of the way. You’ll probably need a car or taxi from wherever you are staying on Praslin. It is totally worth the trip though, so don’t miss out.

Les Lauriers

Les Lauriers is the best Creole buffet restaurant around. Owned and run by husband and wife team Edwin and Sybille, the restaurant is part of a small but beautiful eco-hotel of the same name. You’ll find Edwin on the grill cooking the best fish, the Red Snapper and Jobfish are particularly delicious. There’s always at least one other meat option too, usually chicken, pork, beef steak or lamb. Be sure not to miss the Creole salads and side dishes – they are always amazing and super fresh. If you happen to be visiting Seychelles for New Year’s Eve, Les Laurer restaurant is the place to be. They throw a great party and the food is extra special. The price for the buffet is 450scr ($33USD) per adult and includes a great desert. Be sure to book in advance as the restaurant is always busy.

Chateau de Feuilles

Chateau de Feuilles restaurant is part of the small but luxurious hotel of the same name. If you’re looking for a lavish fine dining experience on Praslin, this is without doubt the place to go. The restaurant itself is intimate with beautiful views. Every night, a different four course set menu is served and you can expect some of the best fine dining in the Seychelles. Organic vegetables and herbs are grown in the gardens in the grounds, so they are always as fresh as can be. You’ll find a fusion of Creole and international food served. With the hotel having a maximum capacity of 20 guests, the restaurant is also small, therefore it is absolutely vital that you book in advance if you’re coming from outside. In-house guests are, of course, always given priority.

Fish Trap

The Fish Trap restaurant is new to La Digue, open for breakfast right through to dinner. As the name suggests, fish and seafood are their specialty. They do, however, serve a wide range of food. The decor is really well done, fresh and bright with plenty of works from local artists. The atmosphere is relaxed during the day and a little more lively in the evenings, especially the weekend. It’s a great place to go for a few cocktails too. Located right near the jetty, it’s a great stop for tourists coming and going from the island.

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