10 Books About Seychelles You Need to Read

Top 10 books about Seychelles you need to read
Top 10 books about Seychelles you need to read

Whether you are planning a holiday, thinking of moving or just dreaming of the Seychelles you must check out these books.

Seychelles Garden Of Eden In The Indian Ocean by Sarah Carpin

If you’re looking for a book to help plan your trip to the Seychelles, this is the book you need. This has more than 200 pages of fantastic information dedicated purely to the Seychelles. With breakdowns of different islands, hotels and restaurants and plenty of maps and additional tips to help plan your perfect Seychelles vacation, this book is perfect for getting organised.

Seychelles Garden Of Eden In The Indian Ocean by Sarah Carpin

Island Home by Wendy Veevers-Carter

Living on a tropical island in paradise is probably a dream of everyone at some point or another. Wendy and her husband fulfilled that dream in the 1960s. This book is the story of her life living on a working plantation island. This book shows the reality of the trials and tribulations that come with the dream of tropical island life as well as sharing a time when remote truly meant alone.

Island Home Wendy Veevers-Carter

Voices by Glynn Burridge

Voices is a collection of short stories of life on the outer islands of Seychelles. Glynn lived on the outer islands for two decades and now resides on Mahe. His stories feature tales of hidden treasure, larger-than-life islanders, tales of animals and fishing as well as ghost stories. His book will take you back to a time of true island life, one that is disappearing in Seychelles today.

Glynn Burridge Voices.

Kolony by Glynn Burridge

An altogether darker book than Voices (see above), Kolony is a dark historical thriller set in the outer islands of the Seychelles. The story starts with a shipwrecked pirate ship in 1884 and jumps forward to modern-day Seychelles where modern-day travellers go in search of the legendary ‘Kolony’, formed from the survivors of the wreck.

Kolony by Glynn Burridge

Hard Times In Paradise, Rivals in Eden and To Be a Nation by William McAteer

These are the most accessible and fascinating books on the history of Seychelles. The trilogy of books cover Seychelles’ history from 1742 to 1976. From real pirates, to colonisation all the way through to independence, these books wonderfully uncover Seychelles colourful yet sometimes very dark past.

Art In Seychelles: Then and Now by Martin Kennedy

Art in Seychelles: Then and Now collates for the first time, Seychelles’ art culture. As the title suggests, it looks back into the origins of art in Seychelles right up to modern day contemporary artists. The book features colour reproductions of the work and contact details of all of the 46 contemporary artists featured in the book, plus a representation of work from artists who have died, left or stopped producing art. Due to be released in April 2017 the book will be available both directly in Seychelles and online.

Art In Seychelles then and now

Seychelles, The Best Of by Gregor Kervina

This coffee table book is full of stunning images of the Seychelles. Gregor Kervina has had his work featured in National Geographic as well as being featured by NASA so you will be experiencing the highest level of photography when flicking through the pages of this book.

Seychelles, the best of by Gregor Kervina

Where The Clock Chimes Twice by Alec Waugh

This is a travel log set mostly in Seychelles in the 1950s when it was still a British colony. The book reflects on a time before commercial travel (the international airport didn’t open until the 1970s) in the Seychelles.

Where the clock chimes twice by Alech Waugh

Brothers Of The Sea by D.R.Sherman

Published in 1966 this novel is a tragic tale of a teenage boy living with his father in the Seychelles. At risk of eviction and starvation, the boy’s fortunes come to depend on a dolphin who saves his life.

Brothers Of The Sea D.R. Sherman

A Gecko Blew Up My Toaster: An English Family In Seychelles by Martin Varley

Written by a father of a British family who moved to Seychelles is this interestingly named book. If you are thinking of moving to Seychelles or even taking a family holiday here, this is the book to read. It shows the reality of how it is to be in Seychelles with kids – the bits that the tourist board sweeps under the carpet.

A Gecko Blew Up My Toaster by Martin Varley

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