The Trendiest Neighbourhoods in Rabat

Rabat | © Etotheraf/WikiCommons
Rabat | © Etotheraf/WikiCommons
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer10 January 2018

Rabat became the capital of Morocco during the French protectorate in 1912. When the New City was built just outside the Medina shortly thereafter, it became what most people think of when talking about present-day Rabat. The capital has many incredible spots, where the thriving community gathers, or one can take a walk and enjoy the sun set over a field of orange trees.


In the heart of Rabat, Agdal is where you will find the youngsters hanging out with their friends in small cafés, restaurants, bars and other cool spots. Be sure to visit L’entrecôte, a fine-dining restaurant and bar that is perfect for a romantic dinner. Or, head to Upstairs to have a pint at the Irish pub reminiscent of the green country. There are so many things to discover in this neighbourhood, including the amazing 17-hectare garden, Jardin d’Essais, created in 1914 during the French protectorate.

Boulevard Rabat | © Nawalbennani / WikiCommons

Hay Riad

Created in 1970, the Hay Riad is one of the chicest and most luxurious neighbourhoods in Rabat due to the amazing villas and large buildings. Although it is mainly known as a centre for large businesses, Hay Riad also has great nightlife options. Latium is an amazing Italian restaurant with a great atmosphere, young clients and amazing dishes. If you are looking for a more sophisticated place to have a simple coffee, head to Fauchon, a well-known French café.

Cathédrale Saint Pierre | © Pitchoon76 / WikiCommons


This large and calm neighbourhood is a great place to enjoy a refreshing workout at the Hilton Forest or have a lovely brunch at the Sofitel on a lazy Sunday morning. Mostly, Souissi is famous for Mawazine Rabat, an annual international music festival that has featured big singers, such as Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Jessie J. This is also a family-friendly neighbourhood with multiple parks that have games and bouncy castles for kids.

Magazine Festival | © Magharebia/Flickr

Les Ambassadeurs

This is the farthest neighbourhood from the centre of Rabat, and it is perfect for fitness lovers who enjoy working out in a peaceful atmosphere far from the noise and pollution of traffic. They have many country clubs, including Club Wifaq, which has tennis courts and a pool. You’ll also find the expansive 440-acre Royal Golf course, the Dar Es Salam horse riding club, and much more.