The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Fes, Morocco

The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Fes, Morocco
Morocco’s cultural and historical capital, Fes is a city of many treasures, from elaborate architecture in its many mosques and madrasas, to the enticing labyrinth that is the old medina. Crucial to all this sightseeing is a filling breakfast or brunch, so stop off at one of the following cafés for a snack and refreshing drink to start the day.
Fes © Global Panorama/Flickr

Café Clock

By far one of the best cafés in this huge city, Café Clock boasts three floors, each with a unique charm, and various little hideaways within. Situated in a beautifully decorated, 250 year-old courtyard house, guests can sit alongside the kitchen on the ground floor or, for the most popular seating place, head to the roof terrace.
Address: 7Derb El Magana, 30000 Fez, Morocco,+2125356-37855

Cafe Clock © Courtesy of Cafe Clock

Le 44 Café

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A french breakfast
A french breakfast | © indecisive/flickr
A relatively new addition to the restaurant and café scene, Le 44 Café has only been open since 2012, and has already earned a name for itself as one of the best places to eat in the medina. The tastefully decorated café is quiet, tranquil and refreshing; a welcome alternative to the bustling streets of the medina, and a perfect relaxing place to start the day. Very popular are their French style breakfasts and brunches which feature egg and yoghurt amongst other options.
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Barcelona Café

Another new addition to the old medina, Barcelona Café is the proud brainchild of four Barcelona based, and one Moroccan, businessmen. In an ideal and central location, Barcelona Café is so much more than just a café; it doubles as an art and antique gallery too, with walls and cabinets full of artworks from all over Morocco, as well as Europe.
Address: Tala’a Kbira , Medina, Fés-Morocco, N°248 Rue Talaa Kebira, Fes 30000, Morocco, +212 613-130705

La Villa

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La Villa is a modern café and restaurant, where guests can enjoy all types of pastries. La Villa is driven by a passion of creating the best bread and pastries that are both delicious and healthy. With a host of passionate chefs creating foods made from seasonal ingredients, guests can be sure they are getting the best dishes, and the most delicious of fruits for that morning boost.
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Nagham Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free
Harcha | © GeoWombats/Flickr
Just two minutes from the touristy Bab Boujaloud, this charming little restaurant is a popular place not only for a romantic dinner and a drink, but also a light lunch or brunch. Visitors here can enjoy the central location, whilst feasting on traditional Moroccan food and snacks prepared by a passionate Moroccan chef who is renowned for conjuring up a diverse and tasty menu.
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On the Street: Meloui

You will find that in Fes, that most traditional riad breakfasts consist of popular street food, namely, meloui. Meloui is Morocco’s version of a pancake. So if you don’t fancy sitting down in a café for your breakfast or brunch, why not grab some of this delicious food right from the street stalls.

Meloui © David Berkowitz/flickr