Reasons Why You Should Visit Rabat

Chellah Rabat
Chellah Rabat | © İhsan Deniz Kılıçoğlu / Wikimedia Commons
People looking for a relaxed and soothing destination, Rabat is the place to be. Though not a village in the mountains, it is a peaceful town located in hectic Morocco, the capital city of the Kingdom, where the Royal Family lives for most of the year, and full of amazing little spots and activities.


With temperatures no lower than 20°C (68°F) all year round, the weather in Rabat is absolutely perfect. Visit at any time of the year, but December and January do tend to be the coldest and wettest months. Because Moroccan weather isn’t like European weather, do multiple activities without worrying about getting too hot or cold.

Boulevard Rabat © Nawalbennani / WikiCommons

The beach

Even though Rabat isn’t mostly famous for its beach, it is just an underrated area since it’s extremely calm and soothing. Camp right on the coastline, play games with loved ones, eat, and much more.

Also visit Temara Beach, located just about 20 minutes from the centre of Rabat.

Temara Beach, Morocco

Easy to reach

Being the capital does make a difference in this case: since everything is very connected, transportation is available and the streets are very clean.

Reach Rabat by train from every city in Morocco, and after arriving, use either a taxi or the tramway to go around.

Rabat tramway © Pitchoon76 / WikiCommons


Medina in Morocco | © Patrick Nouhailler / Flickr
Yes, all the cities in Morocco have Medinas, so, why would the one in Rabat be more interesting than others? It is a little bit less chaotic than the usual Medinas and people can peacefully do their shopping. From hand-made jewellery to rugs, it is a pleasant experience to be able to walk in a Medina without having people trying to sell unnecessary things. Now, remember, haggling is a must.
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Built by the Phoenicians, Chellah is a medieval fortified Muslim cemetery. It later became the site of the ancient Roman colony of ‘Sala Colonia’, in the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana.

Visit these tombs, go back in time with their style, and even climb up to see some of the best views of the site.
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Kasbah les Oudaias

This is a quarter in Rabat built by Muslim refugees from Spain in the 12th century. The main gate, Bab Oudaia, was built in 1195 and decorated with impressively carved arches. However, this door doesn’t often open. Those who visit will have to go through a smaller gate on the main street.

Also check out the oldest mosque in Rabat. Built in the 10th century, it was restored in the 18th century with funds donated by an English pirate.

Kasbah les Oudaias, Rabat, Morocco

The Andalusian Gardens

Andalusian Gardens | © Dennis Jarvis / WikiCommons
This stunning garden is located within the Kasbah les Oudaias, it has gorgeous flowers, trees, and fountains. It has an Andalusian feel to it and is definitely reminiscent of Granada’s Alhambra.

Although it was built by a French architect in the 20th century, it gives the impression of having been there for a couple hundreds of years due to its quite ‘abandoned state’.
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