18 Photos of Morocco's Stunning Waterfalls

Beautiful Akchour Falls in the Rif Mountains | © travelwayoflife / Wikimedia Commons
Beautiful Akchour Falls in the Rif Mountains | © travelwayoflife / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Sarah Williams
25 October 2017

Many people think of the arid Sahara Desert, long sandy beaches, and the high Atlas Mountains when they think of Morocco’s landscapes. Souks and historic cities may also spring to mind when thinking about the North African nation. Morocco is certainly not lacking, however, when it comes to lush landscapes and flowing waters. Visit stunning national parks and be awed by the various waterfalls around the country.

Oum Rabia Waterfall

The picturesque waterfall at the source of the Oum Rabia River is located in Morocco’s province of Khenifra. The area is home to one of Morocco’s splendid national parks.

Oum Rabia Waterfall

The river gushes through the local settlement, passing wooden riverside homes and restaurants. Smaller falls along the river add to the beauty.

Oum Rabia River with small falls | © mohamed hachimi / Flickr

Oum Rabia Waterfall

Situated in the Middle Atlas Mountains, the Oum Rabia Waterfall is one of Morocco’s most dramatic waterfalls, yet is probably one of the nation’s lesser-visited cascades.

Water crashing into a pool below | © mohamed hachimi / Flickr

Oum Rabia Waterfall

Small springs and cascades flow over the reddish-brown rocks, with small green plants presenting a contrast to the colours of the rocks and water.

The high falls at the start of the Oum Rabia River | © M.Rais / Wikimedia Commons

Ras El Maa

Located in the Blue City of Chefchaouen, the pretty waterfall at the source of Ras El Maa is a splendid place to relax and snap scenic photos. It’s just a short stroll away from the heart of the medina and the famous blue buildings.

Cascades of Immouzer des Ida Outanane

Situated close to Agadir, the impressive Cascades of Immouzer des Ida Outanane can be reached by hiking through the stunning Paradise Valley. Several separate cascades flow over the tall brown rocks, with interesting formations caused over time by the movement of water.

Cascades of Immouzer des Ida Outanane | © TerrierMichel / Flickr

Paradise Valley

Small streams of water tumble over the towering rocks of the aptly named Paradise Valley to meet with a dazzling natural pool filled with clear emerald waters.

Striking waters of Paradise Valley | © Heather Cowper / Heather on her Travels

Hercules Cave

While the myth-surrounded Hercules Cave in Tangier is mainly known for its awesome rock formations and terrific sea views, the small waterfall within the cave adds to the enchanting atmosphere.

Azrou Falls

Located close to Ifrane, the watery landscapes of Azrou are rather magical. Larger cascades flow over high rocks, but it’s the small springs that have burst through the rocky ground in the cedar forests that make the scenes so enchanting.

Small falls in the forests of Azrou | © Athena Lao / Flickr

Setti Fatma Falls

Located in the lush Ourika Valley, the Setti Fatma Falls are a popular day trip destination from the former imperial capital of Marrakech.

Setti Fatma Falls

Setti Fatma Falls consist of several tiers of waterfalls. Surrounded by large boulders and sheer rock faces, the challenging climb through the levels provides many beautiful views. Some pools are suitable for paddling and bathing.

Cascades of Akchour

The Cascades of Akchour can be found in the Rif Mountains, close to the Blue Pearl of Chefchaouen. The area is popular for hiking, and there are different series of waterfalls, with some big and some small.

Cascades of Akchour

Reaching some sections of the falls can be physically demanding, but the scenic views are sure to make up for any aches and pains.

Cascades of Akchour

Don’t be disheartened by the sight of man-made concrete falls close to the main car-parking area; while people do swim in the large pool near these falls, walking to the main falls will reveal much prettier swimming spots!

Inviting natural pool | © Nabilchatt / Wikimedia Commons

Ouzoud Cascades

Ouzoud Cascades are located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, close to the town of Azilal. It is one of the most popular waterfalls in Morocco in terms of tourism. It can be enjoyed on a day trip from Marrakech, or you can spend a couple of days in the village enjoying scenic hiking in the area.

The split streams of water at Ouzoud Cascades | © Chris Street / Flickr

Ouzoud Cascades

Most visitors approach the falls from the top, allowing them to peer down into the picturesque valley below. Small boats bob on the river and simple homes and restaurants sit on the rocks at the bottom of the falls.

Ouzoud Cascades

A walking trail leads down to the bottom of the falls, allowing you to admire the different sections from closer vantage points.

A man stands gazing at the falls | © Peter Halling Hilborg / Flickr

Ouzoud Cascades

Wild macaques inhabit the area around the waterfalls. Used to human visitors, it’s not unusual for the cheeky monkeys to approach visitors in search of handouts of food and drinks.

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