Morocco's Stunning National Parks

If you're a real nature lover, a visit to Morocco should be on the cards as its home to many wondrous natural parks
If you're a real nature lover, a visit to Morocco should be on the cards as its home to many wondrous natural parks | © Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo
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4 September 2021

There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Morocco, from hiking arid desert, basking on beautiful beaches, trekking through the mountains, cycling through diverse terrain and enjoying various water sports. Add more to your Moroccan adventures by visiting some of the kingdom’s most glorious national parks.

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Toubkal National Park

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Amazing Berber village located high in Atlas mountains, Aroumd, Morocco
© Jacek Sopotnicki / Alamy Stock Photo
Located in the High Atlas Mountains and within easy reach of Marrakech, Toubkal National Park is home to the highest mountain in North Africa: the soaring Jbel Toubkal. Other mountains within the undulating park include Le Tichki, L’Aksoual, Bou Iguenouane, and Ouanoukrim. Founded in 1942, it is the oldest national park in Morocco. It is also the nation’s most-visited national park. The cooler temperatures and fresh mountain air make it a popular retreat from the thronging crowds of the city. There are several hiking trails through the park, including the challenging Toubkal Circuit.

Ifrane National Park

Portrait barbary macaque monkey on a stub, Ifrane, Morocco
© Julian Schaldach / Alamy Stock Photo
Situated in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Ifrane National Park is known for its cool temperatures, Barbary macaques and aromatic cedar forests. Within easy reach of the heart of Ifrane town, the park is home to a rich array of flora and fauna. In addition to cedar trees, more than 1,000 other plant species grow in the area – these include pines, junipers, maples, yews and oaks. Various species of birds flit through the branches and fly through the skies, while animals that call the park home include different reptiles, barbary boars and rodents.

Dakhla National Park

Morocco, Western Sahara, Dakhla, beach bordering the lagoon with the desert mountains in the background
© Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo
Dakhla National Park can be found in the southern part of Morocco. The highlight is a large and striking lagoon that not only looks divine but is also home to several interesting creatures. Keep a lookout for dolphins and porpoises swimming through the waves as various birds bob on the waters and fly through the skies. You may also – if you’re lucky – catch a glimpse of a rare and endangered monk seal.

Al Hoceima National Park

the Spanish El Penon de Velez de la Gomera fort isle off the Mediterranean Coast in Al Hoceima National Park, Morocco
© Dave Stamboulis / Alamy Stock Photo
A fairly small and remote national park, Al Hoceima National Park includes coastal lands and sections of the sea. The rough terrain is best explored in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. A top place for cycling and hiking, visitors can see several rare and endangered plant and animal species, including fish eagles and thuya forests. There are a number of Berber villages sprinkled throughout the park.

Souss-Massa National Park

Colorful coastline with a view over a small bay with a few fishing lodges in the Souss-Massa National Park at the Atlantic Ocean in Morooco, Africa.
© Julian Schaldach / Alamy Stock Photo
Located close to the popular beach resort of Agadir, Souss-Massa National Park is another top spot for keen bird watchers. The estuary attracts many feathered creatures – spotting an endangered northern bald ibis is a highlight for many visitors. Breeding programs for creatures such as gazelle and oryx are undertaken in the park, where its landscapes include beaches, dunes, and wetlands.

Iriqui National Park

Rock formation in the Sahara, near the salt lake Iriki, Morocco, Africa.
© Uwe Bauch / Alamy Stock Photo
If you’re keen to experience the rugged splendour of the desert, be sure to add Iriqui National Park to your Moroccan bucket list. The national park is located in the provinces of Tata and Zagora, between the Anti Atlas Mountains and the Draa River. There are rolling sand dunes, an acacia-studded savanna and a woodland-covered steppe. Lake Iriqui is a haven for diverse bird species, attracting a number of migratory birds like flamingoes and geese. Other creatures that visitors may spot in the park include lizards, barbary sheep, ostriches, snakes, gazelles and striped hyenas.

Khnifiss National Park

Salt works at the salt marshes of Sabkhat Tazra in the Khenifiss National Park near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean east of
© ImageBROKER / Alamy Stock Photo
Situated close to the Atlantic coast, Khnifiss National Park’s terrain includes sand dunes, wetlands, limestone flats and patches of arid desert. The impressive Khnifiss Lagoon is the biggest lagoon along Morocco’s coastline. A great place for avid ornithologists, the lagoon is home to ducks, gulls and other bird species – and plans are afoot to develop and promote the area for ecotourism.

Khenifra National Park

hikers in countryside Khenifra region, Middle Atlas, Morocco, North Africa
© Agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo
Located in the central part of Morocco, Khenifra National Park is also sometimes known as Aguelmame Azigza National Park. Home to diverse flora and fauna, it’s especially known for its two large and beautiful lakes: Lake Aguelmame Sidi Ali and Lake Aguelmame Aziza. The park attracts relatively few international visitors but is a wonder to see if you adore nature.

Tazekka National Park

Friouato caves. Tazekka National Park. Easter Middle Atlas. Morocco. North Africa. Africa
© Eduardo Blanco / Alamy Stock Photo
Situated in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Tazekka National Park contains a number of interesting natural and geological attractions, including canyons, caves, rock formations and waterfalls. The main mountain in the park is Jbel Tazekka, whose peak is often enveloped by thick clouds. Dense forests include magnificent oak trees and cork trees. Red foxes, porcupines, North African boars, wolves and barbary stags live in the forests.

Haut Atlas Oriental National Park

Barbary Sheep, a goat/antelope genus found across North Africa.
© Roy Conchie / Alamy Stock Photo
Haut Atlas Oriental National Park is located in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains – also known as the Western High Atlas National Park. There are several cultural sites within the park, along with small villages and areas of natural interest. The park’s highest point is Jbel Tanrhourt and there are two lovely lakes also within the park’s boundaries: Tislit and Isli. Cedar, oak, pine and juniper are among the tree species – and animal life includes gazelles, barbary sheep, and various rodents, reptiles and birds.
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