10 Organizations to Volunteer For in Morocco

Young women in Morocco | © Anna & Michal / Flickr
Young women in Morocco | © Anna & Michal / Flickr
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer27 November 2017

Although Morocco is a country that is seeing massive economic development, a lot of its people still live in poverty. Many of them have created NGOs in an effort to help their hometowns and make life a little better for future generations. If you’re considering doing some volunteer work while traveling around Morocco, or would simply like to support organizations in need of help, here are ten with a worthy cause.


ASTVS was founded by a group of young Moroccans to support educational, social and cultural projects, and to promote understanding of different cultures. The organization, located in Errachidia in southeast Morocco, offers programs aimed at raising awareness about children and families living in poverty, among other actions.

Volunteer work is a great way to support a good cause while traveling | © Abh423/Flickr

Association DARELOUAD

This NGO was created by a group of people from the town Dar el Oued, near Ouarzazate. They support education initiatives that aim to improve people’s quality of life, to protect the environment, preserve the area’s natural resources, and much more.

Association Femmes et Jeunesse dans l’Environnement Maghrebin (AFJDEM)

AFJDEM supports equality for women throughout the country. Many women in Morocco believe their husbands have the right to abusive behavior and, as a result, many of them choose not to come forward about domestic violence or abuse. This organization helps protect these women, by supporting and integrating them into society, and offering opportunities for education, empowerment, accessibility and more.

Young women in Morocco | © Anna & Michal / Flickr

Association Tifletois New Life (ATNL)

This organization was created by a group of young people in a small Moroccan town where the majority of citizens live in poverty. These youngsters work in social, cultural and science fields, among others, which means they are actively looking for people from around the world to help them out.

Association les Colombes de l’Espoir

This organization, located in a hospital in Casablanca, encourages people to connect with children who have cancer. Any day, you can contact them and they will inform you of their events program. You can play with the children, read them stories, use coloring books and games and more, offering them the priceless gift of fun and friendship.

Hospital | © Jstremblay/Flickr

L’ Association Marocaine des Jeunes Bénévoles (AMJB)

This inspiring NGO was created by a group of young students who wanted to introduce helping society as a way of life. They started AMJB with a mission to encourage young people to integrate social action into everyday life, including care for the elderly, environmental protection programs, a clothing bank, and more.

SOS Villages d’Enfants Maroc

You might recognize this international organization, as SOS Children’s Villages operate in many other countries. SOS Villages d’Enfants Maroc helps children who have lost their parents connect with other families, and eventually be adopted. There are many children in Morocco in need of a family, so you can help by volunteering until they find a new home.

Children in Morocco | © Adam Axon / Wikimedia Commons

Association Générations pour les Chantiers Internationaux

AGCI is located in Ouarzazate and was created by a group of youngsters that wanted to improve their town by building schools and other centers for their fellow citizens. They are also looking to achieve this through multiculturalism, and so are looking for help from anyone willing to get involved.

Association Bahri

This NGO, whose tagline is “Clean up the World,” is popular among locals. Its main purpose is for people to come together in groups and take part in environmental protection actions, such as cleaning the streets or cleaning up the local beaches.

Children cleaning the beach in Casablanca | Courtesy of Association Bahri

Chantiers Jeunesse Maroc (CJM)

CJM, located in Salé, near Rabat, was created in 1961 and organizes events (lasting two or three weeks) in which people from across the world attend. Participants volunteer at construction sites, supporting the protection of the environment and the restoration of monumental buildings, education programs, and other projects.

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