10 of Rabat's Top Teahouses

Dining area | Courtesy of Le Ziryab
Dining area | Courtesy of Le Ziryab
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer4 January 2018

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, and for that reason, it has some of the best teahouses in the Kingdom.

Teahouses are traditional Moroccan cafés or houses where they serve their popular fresh mint tea, with extra sugar of course! Here, you will feel cozy and right at home while having an authentic Moroccan experience. Here are the 10 top teahouses in Rabat.

Heure Bénéfique

This teahouse located in the center of Rabat is the perfect place to spend a relaxed afternoon with your friends.

The atmosphere is chill, with many people coming in and going out, good beverages like coffee, juice, and of course, delicious mint tea. It also has Nutella crepes, harira, dates, and Moroccan biscuits to accompany your tea.

Moroccan harira soup in a traditional bowl | © Tanya Chudovska/Shutterstock


Zayyane is a traditional Moroccan restaurant that serves amazing veggie tagines, couscous, and other delicious dishes. The décor is very authentic, with paintings everywhere, Moroccan sofas, rugs, waiters dressed in traditional clothing, and much more.

Of course, you can ask for a tea, which they will bring in a traditional brass tray, and you can enjoy it while listening to some Moroccan music.

Glass of Moroccan mint tea | © Evan Bench / Flickr

Ty Potes

Ty Potes is a small French-style teahouse in Rabat. It has a nice and cozy terrace with a lot of greenery and friendly waiters who will kindly take your order.

Their menu is quite broad, with different sorts of dishes, vegetarian options, and, of course, tea. It is a good spot to enjoy a sunny day in the capital.

Café Maure

Café Maure is a traditional Moroccan teahouse, with lots of sweet mint tea.

The atmosphere here is very authentic, along with the furniture. The walls are covered with zellij, the tables are blue and on a verandah-style terrace, and most importantly, it is directly on the sea and the Kasbah of Rabat.

The location and tea are both key elements of this spot.

Le Dhow

This is one of the most magical places in Rabat, as this restaurant/teahouse is located on a ship on the harbor of the capital city. Everything is and looks like a ship from the 19th century, and it has some amazing views at night.

Le Dhow serves some of the most exquisite fish and seafood, and, of course, Moroccan mint tea. It is a place to try out if you want to impress somebody.

Ship restaurant | © Pxhere

Le Ziryab

This riad-style restaurant offers delicious Moroccan dishes, from chicken tagine to meat tangia. It is truly a magical place to have lunch or dinner with your friends or loved ones, as it is set up in an extremely traditional décor, with Moroccan sofas, traditional art on the walls, and much more.

Here, you can enjoy your tea while feeling like you’re in the real Morocco.

Dining area | Courtesy of Le Ziryab

Dar Rbatia

This traditional Moroccan house offers a teahouse section at their restaurant, with fresh mint tea made by their amazing chef.

The décor at Dar Rbatia is absolutely stunning, with big chandeliers and Moroccan sofas, so you will truly have the ultimate Moroccan experience.

Not only are the décor and tea amazing, but the food is s exceptional, with traditional specials, like chicken tagine with the weekly couscous.

Le Petit Beur

Le Petit Beur is a small Moroccan restaurant/teahouse that serves some of the best Moroccan dishes in Rabat.

The décor is absolutely stunning, with Moroccan tiles everywhere, authentic seats, and waiters dressed in traditional clothing for an extra touch. Here, you are guaranteed a typical Moroccan experience with overly sweetened tea—the best—and perhaps a chicken tagine!

Dar El Medina

This traditional Moroccan restaurant is located in the Medina of Rabat, an old-style Moroccan house—riad—that has a garden in the center and traditional furniture to make your experience even more special.

They have a teahouse section at the house, with cushions, rugs, and sofas, from which you can ask for your tea that will be brought in a traditional brass tray with extra sugar, if you like your tea extra sweet.

Traditional Moroccan teapot | © Rachid Ahitass / Flickr

La Menora

This gorgeous Moroccan restaurant was built majestically, with hand-carved walls, massive windows, zellij, and an incredible verandah.

At La Menora, you can enjoy a delicious bitter and sweet pastilla with a glass of fresh mint tea, and a couple of seasonal fruit for dessert. The best part of the restaurant is the verandah, as it is filled with plants and a nice Moroccan fountain.