10 of Fez's Top Teahouses

Moroccan mint tea | © Thibaut Démare/Flickr
Moroccan mint tea | © Thibaut Démare/Flickr
Photo of Yasmine Guermoudi
Web Content Writer12 January 2018

Fez is the imperial capital of Morocco. It is rich in history and influences from Europe, the Middle East, and the Jewish, and it is truly one of the most important cities when it comes to Moroccan tradition and authenticity. Here, you will discover Morocco at its finest, and most importantly, how it was and how it will remain preserved, which is why you’ll be able to find the most mesmerizing teahouses in this small city.

A glass of Moroccan tea | © cheongmokyeon/Pixabay

The Ruined Garden

The Ruined Garden is an amazing restaurant and teahouse in the medina of Fez. It is a picturesque spot where you can enjoy a cup of tea surrounded by a beautiful garden, fountains, and the sounds of birds. It is very popular among tourists since it was created by two foreigners who opened this café/restaurant with a Europe meets Africa kind of mindset and who perfectly matched the European with traditional Moroccan style.

L’Amandier Palais Faraj

This is a five-star hotel located in Fez, with a stunning view over the medina, and the décor is absolutely fabulous with traditional, yet chic furniture. The most beautiful room is the open garden area, in a riad style, where you can sit and enjoy a glass of fresh mint tea with the most romantic backdrop.

The Bar | Courtesy of Palais Faraj | © Palais Faraj

Riad Andalib

This mesmerizing riad offers a truly authentic Moroccan experience with the most traditional décor, like hand-made zellij and Moroccan sofas. Usually, you can ask for snacks along with your tea, like biscuits or sweet pastries, that will taste just right and will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Les Jardins de Sheherazade

This elegant restaurant is located in a five-star hotel, and it specializes in Moroccan food and culture. Here, you will be able to find great, authentic dishes and, of course, Moroccan tea. Les Jardins de Scheherazade is especially enjoyable in the summertime, when you can sit by the pool and sip your tea while listening to Moroccan music.

Moroccan mint tea | © Thibaut Démare/Flickr

Table d’hôtes du Riad Al Bartal

Located in a stunning riad, this restaurant has a center open-area that is surrounded by plants and trees, and it even has traditional rugs and carpets hanging on the walls. Inside, you will find an authentic Moroccan living room, with wooden tables and multicolored windows. It is definitely a different, beautiful, and traditional place to enjoy your daily dose of tea.

La Maison Bleue

This restaurant is located in the Batha area of the medina of Fez, and it has become very popular among tourists due to the amazing experience and atmosphere. Here, you’ll see a live Gnawa band to your table performing around all the crowded tables at the restaurant. The dishes are very delicious, as is the tea, which makes La Maison Bleue one of the must stops in Fez.

Charming onsite restaurant | Courtesy of Riad Maison Bleue and Spa | © Riad Maison Bleue and Spa

Riad Rcif

Located in the heart of Fez El Bali, Riad Rcif is a good spot to have a glass of tea after walking the crowded narrow streets of the medina. Traditionally decorated with Fassi rugs, zellij, and large chandeliers, it is guaranteed that you will sip on tea feeling like Aladdin or Jasmine, and the view from the terrace is as stunning as the décor within the riad.

Nagham Cafe

This café/restaurant is also located in the medina and offers amazing Moroccan dishes accompanied by tea, with an incredible view over the entrance of old town. It is popular among foreigners and you can also find Moroccan tourists here occasionally as they would rather stay outside of the crowded medina. It is a good alternative if you have anxiety.

The ancient Kairaouine Mosque in Fez | © Jerick Parrone/Flickr

Cafe Clock

This original café is located in the heart of the medina of Fez, and it is different due to the international and local food they serve, and the bohemian/Moroccan décor put in place. Many people come here to enjoy fresh mint tea in the most relaxing atmosphere that makes you forget that you are in a medina, and the chill music they play.

Dar Roumana

This sophisticated restaurant is located in a traditional Moroccan house, that they call dar in Moroccan Darija. Here, you can enjoy the tastiest tea accompanied by sweet and savory snacks, in the elegant and chic décor of zellij and large windows, fountains, and a spacious central area.