Uruguay's Most Popular Sports and Where to Try Them

Paddle-boarding in Punta del Este
Paddle-boarding in Punta del Este | © Jimmy Baikovicius/Flickr
Photo of Milena Fajardo
30 November 2017

There is plenty to do in Uruguay for sport enthusiasts looking to practice their skills or learn something new. The variety of terrain, temperature, and landscape make this country perfect for a variety of sports. Check out this list of the most accessible sports you can do in Uruguay on your next trip.


The national past time is played and practiced everywhere across the country by people of all ages. Chances are you’ll see groups of people playing football on the street, in plazas, on beaches, and in parks every day. All you need to do is ask if they want an extra player and join in!

Football field | © Pixabay


Kayaks are to be round on almost every lake, bay, or river in Uruguay for you to rent and explore the vast bodies of water that surround the country. For the most part, the waters of Uruguay aren’t subjected to massive currents or white-water rapids but always check out conditions and match them with your ability.

Kayak | © Pixabay


The softly undulating terrain of Uruguay is perfect for cycling. There are long rolling hills of firm ground that stretch for hundreds of kilometers without gaining significant altitude. Even in major cities, cars respect cyclists and you’ll see many people cycling on the highway. Cycling is the perfect way to explore the country!


The southern and eastern coasts of Uruguay are very windy and the water isn’t usually very rough creating perfect conditions for windsurfing. It’s common to see many people windsurfing in the bays of cities like Montevideo or Punta del Este. There are several places where you can rent equipment and some offer lessons.

Windsurf | © Pixabay

Rock Climbing

There are a number of great areas for bouldering in Uruguay, like the granite hills of Sierras de la Mahoma and crags for rock climbing like Cerro Arequita. If you don’t have time to make it out of the capital, there are a number of climbing gyms in Montevideo to get you off your feet and onto a wall again!


This is a sport loved by Uruguayans who live on the east coast of the country. There are plenty of great surfing beaches in the regions of Maldonado and Rocha. Most notably La Barra, near Punta del Este, La Paloma, La Pedrera, and Cabo Polonio attract surfers year round. There is no fixed reef on these beaches, so the waves rely on sand bars that subtly change depending on the currents.

Surfing Punta del Este's Brava Beach | © Jimmy Baikovicius/Flickr


There are several great locations to paraglide in Uruguay, such as Punta Ballena and La Paloma. Parachutes of every color speckle the skies during the summer. Paragliding is an incredible experience and one of the best ways to enjoy a spectacular view of the Uruguayan landscape. If you’ve never done it before, you can try it out by booking a trip with a pro.

Paraglider in Punta Ballena | © Jimmy Baikovicius / Flickr


Due to the strong winds and gentle seas surrounding the country, Uruguay is one of the best places for Kitesurfing. You’ll find schools where you can learn or rent equipment on most beaches in the capital, Montevideo, or in Punta del Este. If you have never tried this exhilarating sport, why not give it a go in a city and enjoy the urban landscape in the background?

Kite surfing | © Pixabay

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