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The Best Party Hostels in Cusco, Peru

The Best Party Hostels in Cusco, Peru

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Updated: 16 January 2018

Backpackers adore Cusco for its pristine natural splendor, majestic colonial architecture, and mysterious Inca sites. And after a long day exploring these exciting attractions, they love nothing more than indulging in a lurid drinking session with new found friends. Savvy local hostel owners know this and have catered their establishments to meet these boozy demands. Here are the best party hostels in town. 

Wild Rover Cusco

A notorious South American party hostel franchise, Wild Rover is famous throughout the continent for its no-holds-barred fiestas where hundreds of inebriated backpackers go wild every night of the week. And the Cusco locale is no exception, with the hedonistic action taking place in their spacious Irish bar at night and the sunny outdoor patio during the day.


Wild Rover Cusco | Courtesy of Wild Rover Cusco

Loki Cusco

An equally notorious party hostel chain, Loki is a serious contender to Wild Rover in terms of outrageous and irresponsible all-night forays. Ludicrously cheap happy specials see hordes of hyperactive backpackers get positively hammered before they move on to the after party at one of Cusco’s debaucherous discotecas. Named after the mischevious Nordic god, Loki really lives up to its name.

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Milhouse Hostel Cusco

Milhouse’s Buenos Aires locale may well be one of the most hedonistic hostels on the continent, a business model the franchise have attempted to replicate in Cusco. And while their Peruvian addition is certainly not as insane, it does have a lively bar for travelers to mingle and make new friends. Situated just a few minutes from the central plaza, backpackers also appreciate its excellent location and friendly staff.


Milhouse Cusco | Courtesy of Milhouse Cusco

Pirwa Colonial Hostel

Once the residence of legendary conquistador Francisco Pizarro’s niece, this beautifully restored colonial complex is now a thriving backpackers hostel complete with a lively bar. This is the first hostel of the popular Pirwa chain, meaning the Cusco team has had plenty of time to hone their hospitality skills and learn how to put on a good party. Best of all, the dorm beds are super cheap which leaves thirsty backpackers with a few extra soles to spend on beer.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Not to be confused with the aforementioned Pirwa, Pariwana Hostel is a different hostel chain with various branches throughout Peru, all of which have a focus on rowdy fiestas. The parties in Cusco are somewhat hit and miss, largely depending on how many guests have checked in that day and how many people are hungover from the night before. Nevertheless, its large leafy central courtyard and cozy indoor bar are great for meeting fellow backpackers.

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The Point Cusco

Open since 2006, the Cusco locale of this Peruvian hostel chain ranks among the best in their network. Despite feeling a little rough around the edges, this popular longstanding hostel is superb value for money and has ample social space to enjoy a few drinks with new friends. Party animal backpackers appreciate their toasty warm duvets which make sleeping in on a hangover all too easy.

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Kokopelli Cusco

Perhaps the most bohemian of Peru’s numerous hostel chains, Kokopelli is renowned for its funky artwork and vintage furniture which create a distinct hipster vibe. The Cusco locale is a little more subdued than other nearby party hostels, although its twin bars staffed by international nomads are great places to meet up with fellow thirsty backpackers. Furthermore, live bands and DJs frequently rock up which brings the atmosphere to fever pitch.

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