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Fresh beans
Fresh beans | © Couleur / Pixabay
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The Best Coffee Shops and Houses in Arequipa

Picture of Brandon Dupre
Updated: 29 December 2017
Peru is known all around the world for its delicious coffee exports, which makes coming to Peru and finding the perfect coffee shop all the more fun – and gives you something to brag about when you get home. Their smooth arabica coffee drank in a colonial building makes the Arequipa coffee experience truly unique. Here are the coffee shops you’ll want to spend your time in while in Arequipa.
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Tucked away in a small, second story room just off the Plaza de Armas, you’d walk right by if it wasn’t for it’s bright red decorations and sign. Valenzuela doesn’t have the ambiance of other coffee shops housed in old colonial buildings, but you can’t complain about the coffee: they offer great Peruvian coffee without the extra cost for ambiance.

General Móran 114, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 223298


Delicious cup of coffee | © justin_clark2119 / Pixabay

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Huayruro Peruvian Coffee Shop

Peruvian coffee sold at a great price in a cool coffee shop. The coffee shop reminds you of something found in hip neighborhood in a big American city, where the baristas have piercings and are covered in tattoos. It’s only a short walk from the Plaza and they also offer lunch and beer options.

Calle Puente Grau 100, Esquina con Jerusalén, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 223695

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La Dispensa

La Dispensa is located in a beautiful colonial building made out of the white sillar that Arequipa has become famous for. The atmosphere is hard to beat and you can tell whoever decorated it took their time on every little detail. They offer a delicious menu and have plenty of pastries to eat with your coffee.

Santa Catalina 302, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 222104

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Cool vibes and the best crepes that you’ll find in all of Arequipa. You’ll have plenty of flavors and options to stuff your crepes with, so much so that it can get kind of overwhelming – just flip a coin if you can’t decide which one to get. It’s close to the Plaza and a perfect place for a coffee and some brunch.

Santa Catalina 208, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 206620


Fresh taste | © eliasfalla / Pixabay

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Palacios Coffee

It’s not in the cluster of coffee shops located near the center of the Plaza so you’re gonna have to take a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it. They have locally grown Peruvian coffee, hand selected by the owner. The coffee you buy here goes a long way towards helping to support small Peruvian fincas.

Lima 201, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 212548

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Cumbre Coffee

This place is a cafe/trendy restaurant chain, offering salads, beers and plenty of coffee options. It’s sleek and very clean, but not one of your mom-and-pop shops if that’s what you’re looking for.

Mercaderes 317, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 575864


Coffee beans | © Skitterphoto / Pixabay

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Cafe Kaffeehaus

Delicious Peruvian coffee that supports local growers and the local economy. The interior reminds you of a little cottage inside Arequipa’s classic colonial buildings. The place has a relaxing atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay longer than for just a cup of coffee. Bring a book and enjoy one of Arequipa’s finest coffee shops.

Melgar 117, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 478351

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El Capriccio

Cool vibes and great coffee and the perfect place to get some work done. Complete with a menu and delicious drink options, it’d be easy to spend all day here.

Santa Catalina 120, Arequipa, Peru +51 54 212549