7 Things to Know Before Visiting Playa Asia, Peru

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Brandon Dupre

Asia is Limeños’ most popular and luxurious summer getaway. The once humble beach town is now a who’s-who of Lima and offers visitors one of the best nightlifes in the Lima area. Before you show up with your towel and sunscreen in hand, here are some things you should know about Asia, Peru.

Bring something to go out in

You may ostensibly be going for the beach, but everyone knows its about the nightlife. With 20-somethings packing vans for Asia, the bars and clubs are always popping. As soon as the sun goes down you’ll want to change your bathing suit for something nicer, especially if you’re having dinner in town.

Drinking out in Asia, Peru

Over 30 beaches

Asia has upwards of around 20 to 30 beaches in the area, allowing for each new day to be an exploration of a new beach. All the beaches are within reasonable distances, just watch out for private property signs. Lima’s wealthiest have built private homes along the coastline which, in many cases, includes the beaches in front of the property.

Nice restaurants

Peru’s most famous chefs have built restaurants in Asia’s downtown area, making it as a great place to try some of Peru’s famous cuisine. You’ll find all the best dishes done by some of Peru’s finest chefs.

Some good eating to be had in Asia, Peru

It’s the place to be in the summer

The summer time is when Asia really gets going. Lima’s most wealthy descend on the beach town, turning it into one of best nightlifes found in Peru. During the summer, beachgoers lay out all day, eat some ceviche with beer and then nap before heading out to the clubs. If you visit Lima during the summer, make sure to mark down Asia as a destination.

You can bring your clubs

No luxury beach town is complete without a golf course, which is why the city recently turned a space near the highway into a manicured green golf course. No vacation is complete without a round of golf, some might say. Now, golf lovers won’t have to dream: their favorite summer vacation is now their favorite gold spot.

Make sure to bring your clubs to play at the newly opened golf course

Do some shopping

Following massive construction work, Asia is now one of the best shopping destinations in Peru. You’ll find designer brands, plenty of beachwear and some of Peru’s finest boutique stores. The wealthy in Peru come here to spend money, which is why Asia has become on of Peru’s most desirable shop-till-ya-drop locations.

It can be pricy

Just know before you go that it can get a bit pricey here. Asia is without a doubt Peru’s most expensive beach town and summer vacation destination. There are countless expensive hotels and fewer bargain lodgings. If you want to go out, it’ll add up quickly. Cocktails and beers at some of the more popular nightclubs run upwards to 30 soles a pop. Just know that it is one of Peru’s pricier spots going into it, so you don’t eventually look at your bank account in horror.

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