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Ecuadorian orchids | © Vibeke Johannessen / Courtesy of The Viking Abroad
Ecuadorian orchids | © Vibeke Johannessen / Courtesy of The Viking Abroad

Where to See Ecuadorian Orchids

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Updated: 18 October 2017
With over 4,000 different species of orchids, hundreds of which are not found anywhere else on the planet, it’s no mistake that Ecuador is called the Land of the Orchids. Being located on the equator and a consistent climate gives orchids an ideal environment to grow, and these striking flowers are found in three regions of the mainland: the mountain range (home to 66% of Ecuador’s orchids), Amazon, and the coast.

Quito Botanical Gardens

For less than $4, visitors can see a large collection of orchids from all around the country at Quito Botanical Gardens. The gardens have different greenhouses that are adapted to the orchids needs of humidity and temperature. Its accessible location in the middle of Carolina Park in Quito makes it a must-visit is staying for a short period of time.

Quito Botanical Gardens, Pasaje. Rumipamba, Quito, Ecuador, +593 2 333 2516

Ecuadorian orchids
Ecuadorian orchids | © Vibeke Johannessen / Courtesy of The Viking Abroad

El Pachuma Orchid Reserve

North of Quito is the Cloud Forest of Ecuador. For orchid lovers who want an authentic reserve experience that works hard to protect threatened habitats (and is connected with researchers), El Pahuma is an unbeatable destination. Along with endemic orchids, the reserve also has hummingbirds and other plants to observe.

El Pachuma Orchid Reserve, Quito, Ecuador, +593 2 513 9770

Encyclia | © Vibeke Johannessen / Courtesy of The Viking Abroad

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve

Not far from El Pachuma is Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve, which features day-long and multi-day tour opportunities from Quito. If traveling alone, the reserve is fairly easy to get to and also serves as accommodation. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and trails, and students can take advantage of research opportunities.

Bellavista, Km 52 Ruta Quito – Nanegalito, Tandayapa, Ecuador, +593 2 223 2313