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The Best Art Galleries in Cuenca, Ecuador
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The Best Art Galleries in Cuenca, Ecuador

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Updated: 31 October 2016
The art galleries Of Cuenca, Ecuador manifest the cultural heritage of the people, both in what they display and in the blending of past techniques with those of the present. Featuring a range of techniques from ceramics and sculpting to painting, these galleries appeal not just to art-enthusiasts, but to anyone interested in the history and development of Cuenca and its people.
The ceramics of Eduardo Vega
Eduardo Vega Gallery and Workshop in Cuenca, Ecuador | © Joe Ross/Flickr
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E. Vega Gallery

On Turi hill, with a beautiful view of the city, you will find the E. Vega Gallery. Inside, colorful ceramics line the walls, the work of Cuenca native Eduardo Vega. While Vega studied his craft in Europe, he returned to his homeland and now makes various plates, vases, dishes, and decorative pieces that depict Ecuadorian scenery, plants or animals. The gallery is attached to a store where visitors can buy ceramics. Purportedly, Vega is often on sight and will speak with guests at the gallery.

E. Vega Gallery, Via Turi 201, 010169 Tel: (593 7) 2881407 / 817177

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Ariel Dawi Art Gallery

Originally from Argentina, Ariel Dawi has long called Cuenca his home. His photography, “archaeology”, and paintings implement bright colors and experiment with form. Since his first exhibition in 1979, Dawi has shown his work throughout Latin America and even parts of Europe. This gallery is located on the Calle Larga, near many of Cuenca’s landmarks, where a visitor can easily stop in on a day of sightseeing.

Benigno Malo 4-103 y Calle Larga, Cuenca, Ecuador Tel: (593-7) 2822-935

Galeria Ombligo

This event-based gallery is new on the scene, having just opened in 2015. A project of expats from the United States, this new gallery looks to showcase local artists and enhance the relationship between locals and expats. Located in the historic center of Cuenca, check the gallery’s facebook page for exhibition dates.

7-38 Talbot Guillermo Coronel, Cuenca, Ecuador Tel: +593 98 603 6240

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Artes de la Tierra Gallery

Tierra, meaning earth, is an appropriate name for this gallery which specializes in carved wood, ceramics and furniture. The “Artes de la Tierra” itself is the group of local artists that produce the work in the gallery including Ernesto Jaramillo, Maria Augusta Crespo and Juan Guillermo Vega.