The Top 10 Restaurants in Antofagasta, Chile

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As one of the wealthiest cities in Chile, Antofagasta offers some pretty upscale dining but – thankfully – at reasonable prices. Antofagasta attracts people from not only Chile but all over the world for employment opportunities. These hungry workers need a place to fill up and there are a number of terrific options to get an incredibly juicy steak, mouthwatering sushi rolls, some traditional seafood, and incredible desserts. How much you eat may make you feel guilty, but the number on the bill won’t.

1. Amares Costafusion

Bistro, Restaurant, Peruvian, Fusion, Chilean

A swanky, trendy joint that, as the name implies, prides itself on their synergistic approach to Peruvian and Chilean food. While these two nations fight over who truly created Pisco, Amares is creating peace between the countries with a terrific job of blending both cuisines and delivering stunning seafood dishes.

2. Mu Grill House

Restaurant, Steakhouse, Vegetarian

Meat Meal
Courtesy of Mu Grill House

For the meat eater who is dying to sink their teeth into a perfectly juicy, salty chunk of meat, this grill house is a must visit when your appetite kicks in. Meat done a handful of ways, or lobster grilled on the giant coal fire, gives every perfectly cooked meal a deep smoky flavour. You are forewarned, this is the last place you want to bring a vegan or vegetarian.

3. L’Italiano

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian

© Mallory Dash / Flickr

When you call your restaurant L’Italiano, you better serve pizza, and you better serve the best pizza in town. Many people would agree that L’Italiano has delivered on its promise. It also delivers in serving fantastic Italian dishes like spaghetti, soups, cheese and meat platters, even panzerotti and desserts and pastries made in house to round off a terrific meal.

4. La Maestra

Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Fast Food, Vegetarian

La Maestra labels itself a ‘sangucheria’, meaning they specialize in sandwiches – and they certainly do. But they’re unlike any other sandwich place you’re likely to come across. An array of towering, cheesy, deluxe sandwiches and burgers and also bowls of wedge fries covered in delicious toppings are all on offer and waiting to be enjoyed.

5. Enkai Sushi

Bakery, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Sushi, Italian, Japanese

Enkai Entrance
Courtesy of Enkai Sushi & Pizza

The culinary options in Antofagasta are vast and well rounded, and there is no better option to complete the list than the diverse restaurant of Enkai which offers well done dishes from two opposite sides of the globe: Italian quality pizzas packed with fresh toppings, and interesting combinations of sushi rolls and options in between.

6. Tio Jacinto

Pub, Restaurant, Contemporary, Seafood, Chilean

Uncle Jacinto (as it translates to) is a small, family run restaurant and Jacinto is a great man to call upon when you are in the mood for some fresh, delicious seafood. That satisfying, happy, homestyle cooking your mother would make – or in this case, your uncle – with a twist of elegance, a touch of class and a terrific wine selection to pair with your meal.

7. Aurora Cocina

Restaurant, Seafood, Steakhouse, Chilean

Tuna Steak
©  stu_spivack  / Flickr

Foodies believe you also eat with your eyes, and Aurora Cocina are taking presentation of their delicious plates to a whole new level. Rare tuna steaks, succulent rib dishes, and even seafood soups prepared like works of art that will have you feeling bad to ruin the display – but the flavour will ensure there is no evidence left at the end.

8. Macao Restobar

Gastropub, Pub Grub, Beer

This restobar is located at the southern end of Antofagasta right on the side of one of the popular slivers of beach which gives it a calming, relaxing environment, inside and out. Famous for their delicious burgers, hearty pub food, shared platters and a ton of drink options, this is the perfect spot for a causal meal by the beach.

9. Club Previa Restobar

Bar, Gastropub, Restaurant, Fast Food, Street Food, Pub Grub

Steak and Chips
Courtesy of Previa Restobar

If you are in the mood for something easy going and you feel that a few beverages are equally as important as your meal, then this restaurant-bar-combo will tick both boxes. With tasty, filling pub grub like lasagna, fried chicken and mashed potatoes to accompany a selection of cocktails and beers, this is a good stop for the young crowd looking for a cool environment as they fill their bellies.

10. Divinus Grill

Restaurant, Steakhouse

© stu_spivack / Flickr

A beautiful, modern setting to satisfy any meat lover’s fix, get your fill with any number of high quality meat dishes: on the bone cuts, big steaks, ribs, and various platters with different types of meats and many different accompaniments to ensure you are left feeling more than satisfied by the end of your meal.

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