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The Best Ski Resorts in Portillo, Chile

The Best Ski Resorts in Portillo, Chile

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Updated: 3 January 2018
Even though it is located within the Valparaiso region of Chile, the ski mountain of Portillo could not be further away from the coastal city of Valparaiso itself, because if you miss your turn-off and pass the mountain, you will know quite quickly as your next stop will be the Argentina border. That said, with a select few options of where to stay close to Portillo, you may be exercising the idea of staying over the border in Argentina to be up early and get in as many runs on the mountain as possible. From Argentina, the base of the mountain, and to the neighbouring town of Los Andes, these are the best ski resorts to rest your head, before or after a day in the powder.

Portillo Hotel

The main hotel in Portillo is one of the most incredible locations, and the ideal setting for any ski lover as you can achieve the dream of ski-in, ski-out accommodation. The big, yellow building is right at the base of the mountain and offers terrific views over the neighbouring Inca Lake in your modern, comfy, cosy, and quiet hotel room.

Inca Lodge

Dwarfed by the big hotel next door, this little lodge-style accommodation is terrific for those who love to look outside, or open their door from ground level and be in the elements. Also located at the bottom of the mountain, and part of the Hotel Portillo accommodation options, this lodge also offers bunk beds and is situated a short walk to the main hotel services.

Octagon Lodge

Next door to the Inca Lodge and the Portillo Hotel is their other extension, the Octagon Lodge. As expected, this very neat and charming octagon-shaped wooden lodge is rimmed with a balcony so you can step out undercover and take in the crisp air and beautiful sights, and again the dream of ski-in, ski-out lodging is very much alive with this comfy accommodation at the mountain’s base.

San Francisco Lodge & Spa

Stay in style outside the neighbouring town of Los Andes, about 75 kilometres away from the ski resort, in the interesting take on an A-frame cabin as these gorgeous wedges of architecture have beautiful open balconies cut out of them so as you can step outside and enjoy the view. They also have an indoor pool for the winter, and an outdoor pool onsite for those visiting in the summer, or if you fall so in love with the property you decide to stay through all four seasons.

Inca Hoteles Los Andes

The town of Los Andes is the closest substantial piece of civilization to the remote mountain, and Inca Hoteles Los Andes is a slice of modern accommodation that you would not expect in such a remote location. A beautiful lobby that brings in the natural light bouncing off the snow, and comfortable rooms that will allow you a good night’s sleep so you can be up early and on the road to the slopes.

Complejo Turistico Barros

In the summer, these little private lodges will seem more like cabañas, with palm trees and a pool out front, but in the winter they play their part and will make you feel at home in your own personal cottage. A great option if you want to a remote little cabin in the woods as it is just south of Los Andes town, about 70 kilometres from the Portillo ski resort.

Portezuelo de Viento Mountain Hostel

If you are the person who is coming for hours on hours of skiing and know full well that when you return from a day up on the slopes you want to be comfy, close to friends, and will be winding down quite early, then this Mountain Hostel is perfect for your little ski party. This cabin-style accommodation lodge is located just over the border in Argentina but is only 15 minutes, plus border crossing, away from the mountain.