The 11 Best Natural Hot Springs in Chile

Pucon | Venetia Roxburgh / © Culture Trip
Pucon | Venetia Roxburgh / © Culture Trip
Thanks to Chile’s volcanic activity, the country is laden with hot springs, spas and natural thermal baths. Why not go for a hike and take in the incredible scenery, then soothe those aching muscles and relax at one of these picturesque locations?

Termas de Puritama

Nestled in a valley not far from San Pedro de Atacama are the Puritama thermal baths, consisting of eight pools, at around 32°C. The pools are connected by a wooden walkway, and each pool has a natural stream coming through. As you sit and relax in the warm baths among the undergrowth you can look up at the magnificent canyons around you.

Puritama | Lucy Pierce / © Culture Trip

Baños Colina

This stunning setting is a little off the beaten track, and all the more worth your journey. Take a moment to enjoy the fact that you are sitting at the foot of the San José volcano, admiring the picturesque view of the snowcapped mountains around you. Over the other side of those towering and jagged peaks is Argentina.

Cajon | Lucy Pierce / © Culture Trip

Termas Laguna Verde

These baths are located near the Ojos del Salado, which is the highest active volcano in the world. And of course, that’s how these no-frills thermal baths get their heat. Laguna Verde offers breathtaking views of the extensive turquoise lake, with the imposing volcano bubbling away in the background.

Termas Laguna Verde, Laguna Verde, Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile

Termas Geométricas

These geothermic baths near Pucon are well known for their abundance of natural hot springs, thanks to the volcanic and geothermic activity nearby. By night, the baths are incredibly romantic, with the stars illuminating the sky, the steam rising gently and peace exuding from the forests.

Pucon | Venetia Roxburgh / © Culture Trip

Termas del Plomo

This pool is found among the Andes mountain range, in Cajón del Maipo, and its water comes directly from the San José volcano. Sit back, relax and connect with the surroundings that are stretching out for miles around you. This bath is all the more relaxing after a long trek, so why not walk the Laguna de Los Platos beforehand?

Termas del Plomo, San José de Maipo, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Termas El Rincón

These rustic baths are hidden within the Valdivian jungle in the Villarrica National Park. With both natural pools and cypress tubs, the place is utterly peaceful and relaxing with a gushing waterfall in the backdrop; you really are surrounded by nature. There is also a picnic area, a cafe and therapies to release all that tension.

Baños Termales Pichicolo

The baths are said to be one of the hottest in the country, at around 60°C. As an added bonus, entry is free and you can camp or have a picnic as well. These pools are thought to have real medicinal value, and the jacuzzi-like dual pool is great for sparking some romance between couples. While you lie back in them, you may also be treated by a visit from flamingos, juarjual ducks, vicuñas, alpacas or llamas.

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Termas Río Blanco

Amid the woods of the Huerquehue National Park and the Cordillera are these warm waters, tranquil and therapeutic. Both the baths, Río Blanco and San Sebastián are found along the Río Blanco. The waters can fluctuate between 48°C and 70°C.

Termas Río Blanco, Pucón, Araucania, Chile

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Termas de Porcelana

These porcelain baths are like conjured up by your imagination. They are accessible only by boat, and are located at the bottom of the Comau fjord. Surrounded by forest and sea, the waters reach a surprising 60°C, which will warm you straight up.

Termas De Porcelana, Pacífico Sur, El Bosque, Chile

Termas de Cahuelmó

This is another bath you can normally expect to have to yourself, as you have to take a boat form Hornopiren to reach it. The springs here are a handful of holes where the water accumulates completely naturally. You can visit them in January and February.

Termas de Cahuelmo, Fiordo Cahuelmo, Hornopiren, Décima Región de Los Lagos, Chile

Termas de Polloquere

This thermal pool is big enough to swim in and are located within the Lauca National Park in the north of Chile. Relax in the turquoise waters that reach 60°C, while taking in the views of the Salar de Suriré. The minerals in the water are said to be great for your skin.

Termas de Polloquere, Putre, Chile

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