The 10 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Chile

Family Vacation | © jill111/pixabay
Family Vacation | © jill111/pixabay
Photo of Harry Stewart
12 September 2017

Travelling with children can be challenging at times, not least when it comes to deciding on a place to eat. But those on a family holiday in Chile needn’t worry, there are plenty of child-friendly restaurants spread throughout the country. Here are some recommendations for places the kids will love so the whole family can dine together (possibly) in peace.

Clementina, Santiago

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Clementina | Courtesy of Clementina

In a huge metropolis such as Santiago, there are bound to be quite a few kid friendly restaurants. The best option, in our humble opinion, is a small café called Clementina, a cute little venue that offers an excellent range of all the usual goodies. The highlight, however, is that customers are encouraged to enjoy their meal on picnic rugs in a park out the back, the perfect way for the little ones to make new friends and run off some steam on a sunny afternoon.

Restaurante Caleta El Membrillo, Valparaiso

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For a casual family-friendly lunch in Valparaiso, head to this laid back waterfront restaurant overlooking a pier on a headland. The kids will love their delicious fish and chips and are bound to enjoy watching nearby fishermen reel in the catch of the day.

Heladeria Tierra de Sol, San Pedro de Atacama

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Heladería Tierra de Sol
Heladería Tierra de Sol | Courtesty of Heladería Tierra de Sol

The altitude of San Pedro de Atacama can be tough on young children, so treat the little ones to some ice cream to distract them from the discomfort. Though not just any old ice cream, mind you. Heladeria Tierra de Sol is by far the best parlor in town, serving up the deliciously creamy goodness in a variety of fun flavors. The Rina Rina is the house special, a local herb similar to mint. Then again, the kids would probably rather indulge in the chocolate oreo flavor instead.

Restaurant Cassis, Pucon

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Filling meals such as pizzas and pitas are on offer in this warm, homely restaurant, although it’s their mouth-watering array of artisanal chocolate, ice cream and crepes that pull in the crowds. Best of all, these sweet-tooth delights can be packed up and taken away to keep the little ones content on the next 12 hour bus ride.

Da Alessandro, Puerto Montt

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Pizza at Da Alessandro Ristorante
Pizza at Da Alessandro Ristorante | Couresty of Da Alessandro Ristorante

It’s a scientifically proven fact that kids absolutely adore pizza, so a visit to Da Alessandro is a no-brainer when visiting Puerto Montt. Huge family size pies work out to be good value for money, especially considering their thin-crust bases loaded with generous toppings are about as good as they come. Other Italian staples are available and the friendly waitstaff speak excellent English.

Café Inmigrante, Punta Arenas

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For a fine family-friendly restaurant in a quiet residential neighborhood, look no further than Cafe Inmigrante. The main menu items of sandwiches and cakes are absolutely huge so consider buying a few to share. Opening hours are earlier than most, making it easy to enjoy a satisfying feast while still getting back to the hotel before bedtime.

Cerveza Baguales, Puerto Natalas

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Hamburger | Courtesy of Cerveceria Baguales

Extensive scientific research has also shown that kids love hamburgers, and the best burgers in Puerto Natales are at Cerveza Baguales. These handmade gourmet creations are giant, so again, consider sharing or opt for one of the smaller yet equally delicious Mexican dishes instead. Note that this place is a popular resto-pub so it’s imperative to rock up earlier in the evening to avoid the drinking crowd.

La Cevicheria Espacio Palafito, Chiloé

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La Cevichería Espacio Palafito
La Cevichería Espacio Palafito | Couresty of La Cevichería Espacio Palafito

Kids love this quirky little seafood restaurant for its terrace modeled after a ship which points out to the sea, a truly unique setting that encourages the imagination to run wild. Just don’t be put off by the name, as there are plenty of kid friendly (not ceviche) options on the menu such as pizza, empanadas and desserts.

Burger Home, Viña del Mar

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Viña del Mar is full of high-end seafood restaurants with delectable offerings such as spicy eel, sauteed sea snails and giant king crabs. But let’s face it, the kids aren’t gonna like any of that stuff. Instead, pay a visit to Burger Home, a casual American style fast food joint that dishes out mouthwatering burgers and wings. We’re willing to wager mum and dad will love this place too.

Te Ra'ai Restaurant Etnico, Easter Island

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Te Ra'ai
Te Ra'ai | © gregpoo/Flickr

More than just a restaurant, Te Ra’ai offers cooking and dances classes, a buffet dinner and a traditional Polynesian dance show as part of a package deal. Despite feeling a little touristy, the place does provide some interesting cultural insight and is overall a fun family night out.