The 10 Best Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

Lucy Pierce

One of Latin America’s oldest capitals, Santiago, is contemporary and buzzing, yet still prides itself on its historical roots. The city is becoming more and more of a foodie hot-spot, offering everything from French haute-cuisine, Chilean street food to a variety of dishes that have been inspired by pre-colonial culinary techniques and ingredients.

1. Aqui Esta Coco

Restaurant, Seafood, South American, Chilean

Found in the heart of Providencia is Chile’s first sustainable restaurant, Aqui Esta Coco, built from 40 percent recycled materials. What’s more, you can dine in La Ruca, which is the name for a traditional Mapuche house. Each dining room has a story to tell and is finely decorated, while the menu boasts sensational seafood dishes, such as octopus carpaccio with black olive sauce, fresh whole king crabs from Patagonia, sea urchins, and the local favourite, machas a la parmesana, which is razor clams in parmesan cheese.

2. Peumayen Ancestral Food

Restaurant, Chilean

Silverside fish
Courtesy of Peumayen Ancestral Food

Celebrating pre-colonial cuisine, Peumayen Ancestral Food will introduce you to the vast array of Chilean ingredients. A deeply-rooted cultural project, this restaurant is an authentic find in Santiago. Using rare and original ingredients, and bringing to light old cooking techniques, Peumayen Ancestral Food investigates the roots of Chilean cuisine.


Chef Rodolfo Guzmán brings the finest Chilean resources to the table, from local fishermen and butchers, to working with the finest Chilean vineyards to pair his courses exceptionally. He has become renowned for his experimentation with food, using local ingredients and indigenous plants, and recreating ancient Patagonian ancestral techniques and recipes. Boragó ranked fourth in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016, so treat yourself to a sublime evening of dining out.

Boragó, Nueva Costanera 3467, Santiago, Chile, +56 2 2953 8893

Boragó Restaurante

3. La Jardinera

Gastropub, Restaurant, Chilean

La Jardinera
Courtesy of La Jardinera
Recently opened, La Jardinera is a quaint, homely-styled restaurant found in Santiago’s design district, Barrio Italia. Along with its sister restaurant in Puerto Varas, it aims to bring an English-style gastropub to the heart of Santiago. The menu consists of simple homemade food, with a selection of tasty meats, such as spicy pork ribs and lamb shanks, fish dishes, as well as a fine wine list.

4. El Huerto

Restaurant, Vegetarian

Imperio Romano - El Huertos Roman Empire Dish
Courtesy of El Huerto
Opened back in 1980 as a meeting point for health, music, and art enthusiasts, El Huerto is not only a popular vegetarian choice, but they are also gluten free and vegan friendly. The menu showcases a very satisfying blend of international cuisine that fits the philosophy of the house: healthy and tasty. The calm and relaxed atmosphere is perfect to enjoy not only El Huerto’s food, but also its cooking and yoga classes.

5. Le Bistrot

Restaurant, French

Le Bistrot is one of the best French-inspired bistros in Santiago. Aiming to bring a pulsation of France to the heart of Chile, the restaurant is popular among both locals and tourists. As expected, the menu is a delicious journey across French gastronomy, spiced up with more traditional Chilean dishes. One can serve homemade country-style pâté, quiche Lorraine, onion tarts, snails in Roquefort sauce, Brittany-style scallops, duck breast in honey, or the decadent tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Are you salivating yet?

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