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Charis McGowan

You may have thought Chilean cuisine was all meat-filled empanadas or egg-topped chorrillanas, and that it’s nearly impossible to avoid animal products here—but being vegan in Santiago isn’t actually a challenge. There are numerous vegetarian restaurants and plenty of vegan options popping up around the city.

Chile cultivates a range of vegetables and fruits, which makes avoiding animal products extremely easy. After all, Chile is one of the world’s largest exporters of avocados, so that’s half of the vegan diet solved! There’s an increasing amount of vegan restaurants making use of this fresh produce and creating delicious, (mostly) healthy dishes. Here is a low-down of a few local favorites.

1. Vegan Bunker

Restaurant, Vegan

The Vegan Bunker is located in a colorful house in Barrio Italia, where the walls are adorned with paintings of happy animals and empty birdcages. They have an impressive cake selection (a hard find in other vegan establishments) and an inexpensive daily menu featuring dishes such as polenta rice and vegan meatballs. Another plus is their huge selection of sandwiches and burgers. Their vegan version of the classic Chilean dish Chorrillana is a fantastic option to share. With such an extensive menu, there is something for everyone here.

2. Restaurant Katako Veg

Restaurant, Vegan

Tucked away on a quiet street in Providencia, Katako Veg is a relaxed option for diners without a hurry. Spend a few tranquil hours conversing over a fresh pressed fruit juice, chow down a lentil stew, or share some vegan quesadillas with friends. Staying later? Order a classic pisco sour with fresh ingredients. Katako Veg has a spacey garden and often hosts concerts, so it’s got a lot of plus points for its chilled, cozy ambiance.

3. Abhay Charan Comida

Snack Bar, Vegan

This is a great little hole-in-the-wall run by Hare Krishna in the University District. Sandwiched between burger and pizza away joints, Abhay Charan stocks integral vegan empanadas, palta-laden hot dogs (known in Chile as completos), mouthwatering brownies, and cakes. It’s a rare treat to get tasty, hearty vegan food on-the-go at such a good price. Also, best vegan brownies in town!

4. Vg Burger

Restaurant, Vegan

A vegan establishment with a punch. Vg Burger doesn’t do wholesome foods—it does burgers, fries, nuggets, and nachos. Here you’ll find all the best guilty pleasures while still keeping it 100% vegan. Vg Burger is a fun and spirited place, unafraid to experiment with flavors. (Fried plantain inside a burger? Alright then!) And, of course, avocado toppings every time.

5. Govindas Santiago

Restaurant, Vegan, Vegetarian

Another appetizing option run by Hare Krishna, Govindas is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with large portions and humble, tasty food. They also offer community, with yoga classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and cooking classes on Thursdays—all for free. For unpretentious, hearty food in an atmosphere that leaves your stomach and heart happy, head over to Govindas.

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