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Chiloe Water| © Matiiaz Trujillo / Flickr
Chiloe Water| © Matiiaz Trujillo / Flickr

The Best Boutique Hotels on Chiloé Island, Chile

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Updated: 23 January 2018

The Chiloé Islands are known for their old wooden shingle churches, sleepy fishing villages, rugged coastline and rolling hills, so to expect luxury when trying to find accommodation may seem difficult. But if you are selecting from this list of stunning hotels on the Chiloé Island, you are in safe hands. From spa hotels, private cabins, to stilt-supported cottages overhanging the water, you have a wide selection to choose from.

Parque Quilquico

To find Parque Quilquico, just look for the place that looks like the house you have always dreamed of. Gorgeous craftsmanship and interior design in all of the rooms and rustic, chiseled wood that makes the balconies and view just that little bit more special. Also, the little indoor pool and outdoor hot tub are a very welcome surprise for a boutique place that seems to fit it all in.

Espejo de la Luna

The Mirror of the Moon Hotel has different style cabanas on its property, but they all have the common theme of rustic luxury that will make you feel like one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys in your own grown-up treehouse, or a capsized boat-turned-bungalow. These cabins are made completely out of local wood and are very well equipped with different sizes to accommodate romantic couples to travelling groups.

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Espejo de la Luna | Courtesy of Espejo de la Luna

Hotel Boutique Refugio de Navegantes

A more modern approach to accommodation on the Chiloé Islands, this boutique hotel in Dalcahue is in the centre of the little town and right near the water. Modern interior furnishings, bathrooms, great natural light, all tucked away inside the mahogany shingles on the exterior.

Vista al Mar Hostel & Cabañas

Choose from the hostal portion, which refers to a bed and breakfast-style property, or the personal, private cabanas – you can take your pick of two distinctly differing styles of properties. The wedge-shaped cabanas tuck away so much internal space and privacy in your own private cabin, while the hostal option provides cozy rooms for groups of all different sizes, so no matter your preference, you will find a fit at Vista al Mar.

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Private Cabana | Courtesy of Vista al Mar

Palafito Loft

A perfect fit for the family where the kids can get their own comfy bunk and personal space, while mum and dad can relax in their own private, luxury room right next door. Palafito Loft is humble in its name – suggesting it is simply a loft when it is so much more – and humble in its design, which is simple but gorgeous, luxurious, and the view from the balconies are the best on the island.

Ocio Territorial Hotel

Authentic old shingles cover the outside and beautiful polished-wood trim the inside, Ocio allows you to rent a room in what feels like your own countryside cabin. Located in a large, lush field that’s a stone’s throw from the water, you can sit inside your cozy cabin and watch the rough weather set in, or on your balcony if the sun has decided to come out. Either way, no matter the weather, staying here will ensure you have the best memories of Chiloé.

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Fireplace | Courtesy of Ocio Territorial Hotel

Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa

Considering all the towns on the Chiloé Islands are filled with rustic shingled cottages, many people are surprised to find this type of luxury on the island. But Tierra Chiloe Hotel & Spa deliver it in a very tasteful manner that fits in with the island. Big windows allow for the sun to light up your immaculate room and have a view of the garden and ocean just on the other side of the glass, and the onsite spa is like something you would find in Sweden.