Where to Buy Havaianas in Rio De Janeiro

Classic Havaianas |© Marco Fedele/Flickr
Classic Havaianas |© Marco Fedele/Flickr
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24 August 2017

The ubiquitous flip-flop Havaianas has become one of Brazil’s most iconic brands known throughout the world. It leads the footwear market in Brazil where the name Havaianas has become the collective term for ‘flip-flops’ in general. When in Brazil, it’s almost obligatory to purchase a pair and their tropical patterns and colors make a wonderful souvenir. Here are the best places to buy Havaianas in Rio.

Havaianas store

Buying them from the Havaianas stores dotted throughout the city will give you the best choice of colors and patterns available. Here, you can buy Havaianas for men, women and kids and the stores often have exclusive designs with fancy additional extras such as crystal-studded straps. You can even pay extra to add trinkets to your chosen pair to give them a personal touch. The stores also have a clothes range that is inspired by the beach-chic look. With over 20 official stores in Rio de Janeiro, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best stores on the high street are the one on Rua Farme Amoeda in Ipanema and the one on Rua Xavier Silveira in Copacabana.

Havaianas Shop | © Eduardo P/WikiCommons


Gone are the days that drugstores and pharmacies just sold medicines and hygiene products. In Rio de Janeiro, they have also become points of sale for Havaianas. The range at the drugstores is limited, yet provide a good selection of basic Havaianas in block colors and a few options of prettier, patterned flip-flops. To get more choice, it’s better to shop at the official stores, but the drugstores are perfect if you are just looking for a plain, cheerful pair of Havaianas or for emergencies if your current flip-flops break in the middle of the street (it can and does happen with overuse!).


Even the small corner supermarkets in Rio are stocking Havaianas. Like the drugstores, the range of options is limited to block colors and a few basic patterned designs but for a cheap and cheerful pair on a last minute splurge, supermarket Havaianas are ideal. Head to Pão de Açucar supermarkets as this chain has the most options and can be found throughout the city including Copacabana and Botafogo. The largest stores have the widest range of Havaianas available, increasing your chances of picking up a great pair.

Basic Havaianas | © Muriel Gottrop/WikiCommons

Shopping malls

If there is one thing Rio is not short of then it’s shopping malls, which also happen to be great places to buy Havaianas. Most have large official Havaianas stores that stock even the most exclusive and unusual designs. From there, you can buy the regular block-color flip-flops, the tropical patterned flip-flop and even off-the-wall prints such as sushi and cat designs. The best shopping malls to check out are Barra Shopping, Botafogo Praia Shopping and Shopping Rio Sul.

Classic Havaianas | © Marco Fedele/Flickr

Department stores

The department stores in Rio stock, among thousands of other items, a wide range of Havaianas. The best department store to go to is Lojas Americanas that have shops throughout the city. It’s best to go to the larger Lojas Americanas as these are the ones that have a good number of choices. The Lojas Americanas Express are much smaller and designed to pick up the bare essentials – so many of them don’t stock Havaianas or have a much smaller range, though there is a large branch in the middle of Copacabana.

Havaianas | © Nico Kaiser/Flickr


The newsstands – bancas as they are known in Brazil – are the little grey cabin-like structures that are dotted throughout the cities in Brazil. They mostly sell magazines and newspapers but also sell chocolate, sweets, cigarettes and some sell Havaianas. The range is limited – these newsstands are pretty small – so if you want fancy designs, you’re best going to a Havaianas store. However, to pick up a basic style or in the case of an emergency broken-flip-flop situation, these newsstands are ideal.

Markets and fairs

The markets and fairs in Rio sell anything and everything – including Havaianas flip-flops. The best place to go is to SAARA in Centro next to the metro station Uruguaiana. It is said in Rio that if you can’t find an item in this market, then it probably doesn’t exist. Wander through the countless stalls and never-ending corridors and you will see the truth behind this saying. Here you can find all sorts of Havaianas for a great price, just be prepared to scout around, but that’s the fun part – you may end up leaving with a lot more fascinating items too.

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