The Best Eco Resorts In Brazil

Paraiso Eco Lodge | © Courtesy of Paraiso Eco Lodge
Paraiso Eco Lodge | © Courtesy of Paraiso Eco Lodge
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9 February 2017

A function of protected coastlines and forest reserves, many hotels have been forced to review their market position and integrate ecological preservation into their core business plan, leading to a sharp growth in Brazilian eco resorts. Often surrounded by dense forest, wildlife-rich wetlands or pristine beaches, these eco hotels combine nature protection with the ultimate getaway, boasting trips to turtle breeding grounds among the many ecological activities available.

Araras Eco Lodge

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Araras Eco Lodge, Pantanal
Araras Eco Lodge, Pantanal | © Araras Eco Lodge
Araras Eco Lodge is located in one of Brazil’s most important wildlife sanctuaries, the Pantanal, and was carefully constructed to minimize impact on the surrounding wetland. The lodge offers prime bird and animal watching, including Pantanal tours and horse back riding among its activities. Their environmental preservation program is a project that aims to protect and nurture local wildlife, and includes monitoring the Hyacinth Macaws and bee protection, among other important conservational activities.

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  • Itamambuca Eco Resort

    Flanked with the dense Atlantic Forest to one side and the pristine shores to the other, Itamambuca Eco Resort is teeming with the most diverse selection of wildlife imaginable in one spot. The coast is clean and tropical, with a rich diversity of marine life such as dolphins, turtles and rare species of fish. The resort itself is inside a private reserve of 100,000 square meters of the thriving Atlantic forest, which affords remarkable opportunities to see rare and beautiful animals and plants. The resort works hard to minimize its ecological impact and supports local conservation projects.
    Itamambuca Eco Resort, R. Manoel Soares da Silva, 755 – Praia do Itamambuca, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, +55 12 3834 3000

    Paraíso Eco Lodge

    Set in the heart of the Atlantic Forest, Paraíso Eco Lodge enjoys a stunning position that is best enjoyed from the many hikes and trails that surround it. The lodge has embraced its location by channeling its efforts into making itself as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. The architecture is built from leftover industrial materials or local materials, and the lodge supports several local social projects. The nature sanctuary it is located in offers wonderful scenery of waterfalls, luscious vegetation and remarkable wildlife.

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    Paraiso Eco Lodge | © Courtesy of Paraiso Eco Lodge

    Zagaia Eco Resort

    Spacious rooms are dotted throughout the large gardens that maintain the airy and natural feel of the nearby wildlife sanctuary, Bonito. The resort sticks to its gastronomical roots with several typical Brazilian dishes and regional, organic foods. The architecture pays tribute to the local indigenous tribe, the Kadiweu people. From the resort there are plenty of hikes and nature trails, and it is near to Bonito, which offers stunning scenery and crystal-clear pools and caves that are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

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    Tropical Manaus Eco Resort

    The wooden furnishings, paintings of birds mounted on the wall and the abundance of palm decorations give this eco resort a suitable jungly feel. The resort in Manaus is dedicated to provide total luxury for an unforgettable hotel experience that combines access into one of the world’s most important nature reserves, the Amazon rainforest. Surrounded by Amazon vegetation on the bank of Rio Negro, the exotic scenery and wildlife is just a small stone’s throw away, and tours into the forest can be booked through the hotel.

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    Tropical Manaus Ecoresort | © Tropical Manaus Eco Resort

    Arraial D'ajuda Eco Resort

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    Its location in Bahia affords this resort all-year-round sunshine and unbeatable weather, in addition to various ecotourism activities and gorgeous natural scenery. The resort’s beach-side location provides excellent opportunities to snorkel or dive among diverse reefs that are teeming with colorful, tropical fish, and it is possible to spot turtles and even migratory whales. The resort’s rustic, wooden structure blends into the surroundings with hammocks roped up outside in-between palm trees and grass-woven mats laid out for optimal sunbathing. There is even a waterpark within the grounds.

    Kilombo Villas and Spa

    Fully dedicated to providing an unforgettable, luxurious escape, Kilombo embraces its prime location next to a secluded beach that affords it daily offerings of fresh seafood, various water sports such as kayaking, surfing and sailing, and outstanding marine-life watching. Here, rare breeding grounds of the sea turtle can be found, which are fiercely protected yet accessible to witness a once-in-a-lifetime encounter of these endangered animals. There is also an abundance of dolphins that swim up and down the coastline. In terms of amenities, it’s hard to image anything better than the modern-meets-rustic villas and fully-equipped spas.

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