Bolivia Through the Eyes of a Local Photographer

Illimani | © Gatol fotografia/Flickr
Illimani | © Gatol fotografia/Flickr
Countless talented travel photographers have ventured through Bolivia, snapping incredible pictures of her stunning landscapes and captivating indigenous culture. But what does this enchanting country look like through the lens of a local? Culture Trip spoke to La Paz-based photographer Brayan Barboza Torrez to find out.

Barboza Torrez works as an industrial engineer from Monday to Friday and dedicates his weekends to nature and photography. As one of the primary organizers of the Free Trekking Bolivia group, he has a passion for sharing the incredible natural beauty of his country with fellow Bolivians and tourists alike.

The Valley of the Spirits © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Where or how did you learn the art of photography?

I learnt photography by shooting with a friend who had the same hobby. This was seven years ago.

La Paz at sunrise © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What kind of professional work do you do?

The professional work I enjoy the most are tourist attractions. This is what I know best and these are the photos that are most often shared.

Boat on Lake Titicaca © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What kind of equipment do you use?

A Nikon SLR camera, depending on the objective.

Local women in La Paz © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What is your favorite lens? Why?

The 18-105 because it’s very versatile for the work I do. Its range of action gives me an approximation of 105 mm and I can also do wide shots with 18 mm.

Huayna Potosi © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What kind of tools do you use for post-processing?

The classic PS (Photoshop) and now the CC 2015 (Creative Cloud).

A Jesuit Church in Chiquitos © Gatol fotografia / Flickr

How did you learn to improve your photography skills?

Something very wise that a friend and great photographer once told me was, “If you want to take good photos, you need to look at photos.” So to improve my photos I try to look at other people’s photos as often as possible.

Valley of the spirits © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Where are the most interesting places in Bolivia that you have photographed?

Without a doubt the Salar de Uyuni and the Amazon.

Salar de Uuyni ©

What do you look for when photographing in the city or in nature?

To transmit the natural beauty that we have in Bolivia, including that of the cities.

The Devil’s Tooth and La Paz © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What do you like to photograph in Bolivia?

All corners of the country, to make our beautiful country better known.

Local man from the countryside © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

What is difficult about working as a photographer in Bolivia?

The problem is being able to reach different natural sites or cities and towns because there are not many good road connections in Bolivia.

Bad roads in Bolivia © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Bad roads in Bolivia | © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Thanks Brayan for your time and for sharing these amazing photos with us. Brayan can be reached through his Facebook page, Gatol Fotografia. Let’s take a look at a few more of his outstanding pictures.

A different perspective of La Paz.

La Paz © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Mi Teleferico, public transport in the sky.

Mi Teleferico © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Night falling in Cochabamba’s central plaza.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Welcome to Villa Tunari, an ethno/eco tourism paradise.

Villa Tunari © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Santa Cruz at dusk.

Santa Cruz © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Born to be wild.

Cruising © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

A young shoe shine boy at the presidential palace, perhaps hoping to speak with Evo Morales.

Shoe shine boy © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Technology on the altiplano.

Altiplano © Gatol fotografia/Flickr

Rowboats on Lake Achocalla.

Rowboats on Lake Achacalla ©

Old age.

Old age © Gatol fotografia/Flickr