Best Late Night Eats In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires nightlife
Buenos Aires nightlife | Wikimedia
Jerry Nelson

Though Argentina is famous for its beef, no one travels to Buenos Aires for the food. Tourists come to see Madonna’s stage at Casa Rosada, Evita’s tomb in Recoleta and learn the tango. Dining is just an apostrophe in the sentence of visiting. But what about those late nights when you’ve had more malbec than advisable and so much beer that you’re walking in circles looking for a place to off-set all the booze? This list of late-night spots – open 24/7 – are exactly what you need to fulfill those hunger pangs after a spirited evening out.

1. Kentucky Pizzeria, Palermo

Pizzeria, Italian, Street Food

Kentucky Pizza
Kentucky Pizzeria is a bit of an urban legend thanks to its attempts to make just-like-home pizzas. No doubt about it, the pizzas are good, but there must be something in the oregano that places Kentucky Pizzeria in the ‘favourites’ column for tourists. With a broad selection of toppings from onion to mozzarella to Brazilian calabresa sausage, the choice does keep locals coming back for more. Rarely quiet, the atmosphere is noisy and hectic, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone stumbling out of a bar — or three — late at night. It’s essentially mecca for anyone in need of a good greasy spoon after a festive evening of bar-hopping.

2. El Rey del Sabor, Obelisco

Food Truck, Restaurant, Fast Food

El Rey del Sabor is a food truck with no inside dining

In addition to classic hot dogs, burgers, and fries, the El Rey food truck also serves salads and smoothies which make it a nice alternative to the burger chains littering 9 de Julio. Many people recommend the virgin cocktails offered as a counterbalance to the alcohol-filled beverages you may have consumed earlier in the evening. Despite no real place to sit and enjoy your greasy delight, El Rey is ideal for those seeking food-to-go — either before heading home or tackling the next bar.

3. Sante Fe 1234, Barrio Norte

Bar, Restaurant, Italian, Argentina, Vegetarian

Argentine pizza has its own unique flavor

Open 24 hours a day, Santa Fe 1234 is the place to go for authentic Argentine pizza or pasta. The large menu hangs over the table edge to include vegetarian and meat dishes as well as a sugar-laden dessert menu. Opened in 1959, the restaurant has been the spot-of-choice for generations of late night pedestrians as the dimly lit dining room beckons both tourists and locals alike. This isn’t the place if you want to eat surrounded by chrome, brass, and glass as the traditional décor contrasts with other greasy spoons in town. Once you’ve spent the night with that special someone, Santa Fe 1234 could be the spot to have a bite and get better acquainted.

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