The Best Menswear Stores in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Attic Vintage Clothing Co.
The Attic Vintage Clothing Co. | ©Travel Nevada/Flickr
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Finding shops that sell menswear in Buenos Aires isn’t as easy as finding women’s boutiques. Even when you are successful, it’s just as likely to sell books, artwork and dainty accessories as it is clothes. However, make moves away from the touristy spots and you’ll find certain gems that provide a contrast to Malbec and tango. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the best places to shop menswear in Argentina.

1. Ximena Caminos


If you’re looking to grab a slice of opulence, Ximena Caminos should be your fist stop. Caminos is the Creative Director for the Faena Group which includes the Faena Hotel – one of the city’s most luxurious lodgings, with shiny buttoned-leather sofas, hanging chandeliers and infinite red. Previously the city’s Secretary of Culture, Camino’s store also has artwork on display and design-filled plans, for an extra dose of inspiration.

2. Juan Carlos Pallarols


Head to Juan Carlos Pallarols for antique jewelry. Juan Carlos’ sculptured rose has become a traditional way to show your gentlewoman you adore her. Princess Máxima Zorreguieta and Liza Minelli each picked one up on their last visits.

3. Gabriel del Campo

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Wander through the art deco art collection and nouveau designs as you shop for anything from rugged, antiqued ponchos to Bolivian silver crests. The huge space looks more like a set from a Hollywood film than a clothing store – from neon lights, Asian ivory pieces and historic motorcycles. Campo’s presentation will leave you feeling that you can be whoever you want to be.

4. SlyZmud


If you want to hang out with and look like Argentine rockstars and artists, then SlyZmud should be on your radar. With vibrant contemporary art in small formats on display, this place doubles up as an open workshop space which consistently draws in musicians, academics and millionaires. Luckily, the prices are easily affordable, meaning it’s almost impossible to leave empty handed.

5. Tramando

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Martin Churba went from photography to menswear when he opened his shop in Buenos Aires
© Sonia Becce/Flickr
Located in Casa Matriz, Tramando offers contemporary, ready-to-wear pieces that have made their appearances on the world’s runways from Buenos Aires to Paris and Tokyo. Fashion designer, Martin Churba switched from world-class photography to world-class fashion in the 90s when he began printing images onto apparel patterns, before taking designs to customers at Tramando. Unafraid of a bold pattern or edgy cut, go here for a trend-led original piece.

6. Laskatz

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An extremely tiny shop, Laskatz is owned by sisters Eugenia and Mishal Katz, who create men’s accessories utilizing pins, jewels, and vintage needlework. Each piece is assembled from antique elements and offers an electic range of pieces for the edgy traveler and women who like their man to stand out from the crowd.

7. Perez Sanz


Sanz is a sculptor who turned her hand to jewellery and accessories – as such, each item in her store is a work of art. Handbags, belts, pendants and earrings tend to be the most popular items and all come encrusted with Sanz’ own custom touch. Her best-known works include buckles formed from leather, hand-carved resins and high-priced stones.

8. Pablo Ramirez


© perceptions (on & off)/Flickr
Small and exclusive, Ramirez not only produces ladies’ fashions but also sells his men’s tailoring through his little shop for those in the know. Ramirez’s style is dramatic and all-black, so you’ll leave here with a classic ensemble.

9. El Burgués


El Burgués is possibly the most in line with a New York style-sense. Slim shirts, unstructured jackets, and weekender bags are stocked in a store replete with giant mirrors and dead animals on the wall.

10. Balthazar

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Possibly the swankiest menswear shop in Buenos Aires, this is the place to go when you bag yourself a glamorous Argentine date. The friendly but not intrusive staff will help you select the perfect accessory, but floral shirts, faded sports coats and wide neckties are also available for the more quirky traveller.

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