Best Womenswear Boutiques in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Scattered throughout Buenos Aires are small, out-of-the-way boutiques that offer the latest in women’s wear from around the world. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the best stores to visit in Buenos Aires.

1. Balaciano


Balaciano may carry the largest selection of leg warmers in Buenos Aires | © Star Athena / Flickr
© Star Athena / Flickr
Hidden on a side street in Colegiales, Balaciano’s is a hangout for celebrities and models. Tourists will enjoy the casual atmosphere while checking out the clothing lines. Balaciano’s collection features casual cotton day dresses beside sexy trench coats, as well as accessories including legwarmers and even appliqued scarves. Be sure to check out the milk chocolate owls before you leave the shop.


Often called the Anthropology of Argentina, Pehache is warm and inviting and filled to the brim with top independent clothing lines. Eclectic necklaces battle faux tiger print ballet flats for space. When you’re weary of shopping, Pehache has a garden cafe out back, perfect for a rest.

Pehache, Gurruchaga 1418, Buenos Aires

Adorhada Guillermina

Possibly the quietest block in Palermo, Adorhada Guillermina is often overlooked. Racks mark Posse, Kukla and the little known AMO are the major highlights. The service is over-the-top friendly, and the variety will keep the fussiest shopper busy.

Adorhada Guillermina, El Salvador 4872, Buenos Aires

Julieta Sedler

For colorful handbags look no further than Julieta Sedler in Palermo Soho. Offering a wide collection of handbags, totes, and purses, the price range will fit most budgets. Each comes in colors roaming from yellow to fuchsia and are accompanied by collections of necklaces and earrings. The service is spot-on without being intrusive.

Julieta Sedler, Armenia 1886, Buenos Aires

Handbags in almost any color are available at Julieta Sedler


Casiopea is known locally for trendy tops and dresses in addition to sweaters by Renyal and shoes from Kamanda. Piropia’s earrings are another don’t-miss item and as space is big enough to hold plenty of lines, it never feels overwhelming.

Casiopea, Libertad 1240, Buenos Aires

Sweaters are a best seller at Casiopea


A petite shop, Chelcy is worth finding, if you’re looking for striped tops and dresses in various colors. The shop’s signature piece is the collection of denim blazers featuring a gold heart-shaped pin. Chelcy also has handbags and clutches to highlight any item.

Chelcy, Juncal 1213, Buenos Aires


Down the street from Chelcy, Carnavalia is another hole-in-the-wall that will reward the exploring traveler. Collections include Ceilonia, Mina Hoo, and Rie. Dark shades are the main theme, but there are a few treats for those with an appetite for color.

Carnivalia, Juncal 1324, Buenos Aires

We Love Flynn

Only open a short while, the owners clearly have experience. They have chosen to feature the hippest lines in Buenos Aires. City Riot and Mina Hoo can be found as well as bags by La Simona.

We Love Flynn, Gurruchaga 1679, Buenos Aires

Up-to-date fashions in Buenos Aires

Catalog Shop

Buenos Aires has been blessed with plenty of fabulous fashion magazines, but Catalog may be the most exclusive yet. The ‘Bible of Buenos Aires’ has a small boutique on Palermo Hollywood’s Calle Honduras, that stocks everything found in the magazine’s photos. Get down there and walk out looking like one of the models.

Catalog Shop, Honduras 5815, Buenos Aires

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