Best Street Food Markets in Buenos Aires

Food trucks are serving up increasingly gourmet food in Buenos Aires
Food trucks are serving up increasingly gourmet food in Buenos Aires | © Scott Madore/Unsplash
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Buenos Aires is a bit tricky when it comes to street food unless you’re looking for the ubiquitous empanada. The city isn’t exactly bustling with street food trucks, partly because that’s not Argentine food culture. For the most part, Argentines prefer to grill meat for hours someplace more intimate and chat. The good news is, the markets that do have street food have particularly good street food. Here’s where it’s at…

1. The Buenos Aires Market

The pop-up Buenos Aires Market has something for everyone – freshly-baked artisanal breads, veggie burgers, ice cream, raw food, you name it. Amid the maze of food stands you’ll also find farm-to-table purveyors and a variety of other foodstuffs on offer. If you buy in bulk here, you’ll often get a good deal. Held every few weeks, the market changes neighborhood every time. Check the website to see where it’s at.

Food truck

2. Gastro Nomada

This is of the few food truck markets in Buenos Aires that goes year-round. Located a little outside the city in the neighborhood of Olivos, Gastro Nomada brings together the best of the city’s culinary travelling mistrals. Open weekends.
Juan Díaz de Solís 2600, Olivos, Buenos Aires

Food trucks are on the rise in many cities

5. Pura Sabrosura

While waiting for food truck markets to become more of a thing in Buenos Aires, keep tabs on the popular food truck Pura Sabrosura (‘Pure Tastiness’). Specializing in Caribbean and Latin American food, your mouth will start watering as soon as you’re within smelling distance. The truck tends to park its delicious self around other yummy foodie events, so it’s worth following around.

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