10 Quality Budget Wines You Can Get at a Corner Store in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the price of a bottle of wine isnt always an indication of its quality
In Buenos Aires, the price of a bottle of wine isn't always an indication of its quality | © ravelstock44 / Alamy Stock Photo

It’s been said before, but bears repeating: the quality of a bottle of wine doesn’t necessarily correlate with its cost. This is especially true for some quiet Argentinian bottles that could easily fool you with their price. Here are 10 expert choices of affordable wines which you can find all over Buenos Aires.

Killka Malbec (Mendoza)

This purplish-red wine has the typical fruit flavors and aroma of a good malbec – which are, of course, particularly famous in Argentina. Prepare your palate for fresh plums and blackberries with a mild herbaceous and vanilla finish. It pairs well with red meat, so is a natural favorite in this cattle-loving country.

The Killka is great for a typical Argentinian asado

Las Perdices Malbec (Mendoza)

This is a well-balanced malbec with aromas of berries and delicate oak touches. Made from grapes grown at 3,379 feet (1,030 meters) above sea level, the wine is especially great value considering how far it’s traveled. It’s the perfect companion to red and white meat, pasta, fish and any kind of spiced sauce.

Latitud 33 Malbec (Mendoza)

With aromas of red fruits, spices, vanilla, chocolate and tobacco, this malbec is fruity, fresh and a little towards the sweet side. The easy-to-drink Latitud 33 thrives in crowded get-togethers as it tends to please most palates. It’s the ideal candidate to take to your next asado.

Alma Mora Cabernet Sauvignon (San Juan)

This is among the cheapest and more popular wines available in Buenos Aires. The Alma Mora is a ruby-red color with hints of cassis, red pepper, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. Don’t throw away the cork – it has a little map of Argentina printed on it that’d make for a great souvenir. Pair it with red meat or lamb, hard cheeses and meals cooked over hot coal.

Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon (Mendoza)

An intense ruby red with black fruits and peppery notes, the Misterio cab-sauv compliments any Mediterranean dish. Fuller and more dry than the malbecs, this wine is likely to give you a craving for dark chocolate.

The low-humidity and mild weather of Salta’s Valles Calchaquíes are perfect for the vines which grow there

Cafayate Cabernet Sauvignon (Salta)

This full-bodied cabernet sauvignon is cultivated at great heights in Cafayate, Salta, and is cultivated without oak contact. This results in a strong flavor that balances soft fruit aromas with a sweet aftertaste. This one is perfect for read meats, chicken and pork dishes.

Amalaya Blanco de Corte (Salta)

This blend of Torrontés (85%) with Riesling (15%) is produced in Cafayate, Salta, in northwestern Argentina. Its golden color and citrus scent make it a fresh option with a perfect mixture of bitterness and acidity. Try it as an aperitif for something different.

Santa Florentina Torrontés (La Rioja)

With a light rose scent, nuances of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, and a hint of white fruits such as peach, apple, melon and pineapple, this torrontés is as fresh and tropical as you’ll get in Argentina. It pairs well with seafood and spicy dishes.

One of the first regions to be planted by Spanish missionaries in Argentina was La Rioja

Portillo Pinot Noir (Mendoza)

Portillo is a line of young wines from Salentein Winery, based in Uco Valley. This pinot noir is fruity, with a polyphenolic ripeness and moderate sugar content that’s characteristic the weather conditions in the valley. Its acidity has been praised and, despite not being a high-end wine, it’s perfect for a casual midsummer glass with friends.

Padrillos Pinot Noir (Mendoza)

Probably one of the best Argentine pinots in this price range, this wine is truly a steal. Strong on the nose at first, it slowly gives way to peculiar earthy and fruity notes, rounded by chocolate, vanilla, eucalyptus and clove flavors, making it a perfect companion for pizza.

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