The Most Unusual Tacos In Melbourne

Melbourne might not look like a taco hub, but search long enough and youll be pleasantly surprised
Melbourne might not look like a taco hub, but search long enough and you'll be pleasantly surprised | © Yuen Man Cheung / Alamy
Megan Simmonds

Everybody loves a good burrito. Whether it is a late night snack or for going out with friends, Mexican food just seems to be a go-to meal for everyone. You’re in luck, because Melbourne has become a hot spot for the best Mexican eateries in Australia.

1. Bay City Burrito

Restaurant, Mexican

This San Francisco-style eatery connects the best of all things Mexican – sand, surf and burritos. Based in St Kilda, Bay City Burrito caters for everyone regardless of their diet or whether they are just a picky eater. Their $5 Tuesdays ensure you get the authentic Mexican taste and experience without the expensive price tag. Even more importantly, Bay City Burritos nails the perfect balance between the meat, rice and toppings you choose, ensuring that every burrito you order is tantalizingly good.

2. Trippy Taco

Restaurant, Vegetarian

Trippy Taco is exclusively a meat-free eatery. The restaurant aims to re-label Mexican style street food and change the way people enjoy their food. The healthy food focuses on packing the tacos with thick slices of avocado, lots of beans while being folded into corn tortillas reminding you that Mexican food is the best food ever! Trippy Taco bases their company on being simple and accessible to everyone and ensures that everybody has a great time when they go there for a night out.

3. Mad Mex

Restaurant, Australian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Fast Food, Mexican

Mad Mex bases their menu on authentic Mexican recipes and aims to encapsulate the feeling of family in their restaurants throughout Australia. Mad Mex doesn’t just focus on the traditional burrito that is brimming with the most delicious ingredients you have ever tasted. They are also famous for their Naked Burrito, essentially a burrito without the flour tortilla. The Naked Burrito option allows you to fill a bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sour cream and rice and add the meat if you desire. This way you can mix the ingredients together and ensure you are enjoying all the delicious flavors at once.

4. Fonda Mexican

Restaurant, Mexican, South African, Vegetarian, Vegan

Fonda Mexican bases their restaurant philosophy on the thought that everybody is welcome to their place and can enjoy a meal cooked with love. Their fish burrito showcases the best of Mexico mixed all together and wrapped in a soft tortilla. The chipotle aioli and avocado salsa adds a soft texture to the crunchiness of the carrots, onion and cabbage. This is definitely one burrito worth trying.

5. Amigos

Restaurant, Mexican, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Amigos allows you to feel a part of their family at this fun filled restaurant. Their menu offers a range of different burritos to enjoy. Amigos ensures that you get the authentic Mexican experience every time you go there for a fun night out.

6. Touché Hombre

Restaurant, Mexican, Healthy, South African, Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Touché Hombre is a new take on Mexican dining. Their fish burrito includes beer battered fish with chipotle mayo, pickles, dill, black beans and rice. The flavors are unique and make their Mexican restaurant tailored to Melbournian tastes and culture. The whole burrito range embodies this style and ensures that every patron leaves feeling satisfied.

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