Pink Diamonds: Australia's World Renowned Pedigree

Mansi Mehta

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of natural pink diamonds, you know their magic. Pink diamonds are among the most rare, exquisite, and beautiful stones – and they’re expensive, too. Australia is blessed to have discovered pink diamonds in its western region and to have crafted some of the most phenomenal jewellery pieces from these magnetic and stunning precious stones.

Argyle Diamond Mine seen from above

Pink diamonds were first discovered in the Kimberley, when a diamond was caught glistening atop an anthill. 30 years later, the Argyle Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto and located in the northern region of Western Australia, is the biggest in the industry, contributing 90 percent of pink diamonds to the world. Argyle Pink Diamonds can cost up to 20 times the price of their white equivalent. It’s no wonder that style-conscious icons from Queen Elizabeth II to Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez have been known to wear jewellery with these gems. The beauty of the Australian pink diamond is matched only by the beauty of the rugged landscape and wilderness of its home in the Kimberley.
Adding to the intrigue and desirability of pink diamonds is their rarity. It is said that there are fewer than 500 tender quality Argyle diamonds left to be found! Pink diamonds have been the cornerstone of a variety of high-end brands for a number of years, including Tiffany & Co, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, Pink Kimberley, Rolex, and many others. These brands define beauty and make wonderful use of this precious stone in their design philosophies.

Pentecost River on Kimberley Plateau

Light pink diamonds may appear in other parts of the world, but Australia’s claim to the deepest of pink diamonds remains unchallenged. The use of pink diamonds remains exclusive, and though demand for them has been limited, the use of these stones has become more popular over time. Diamonds are not without their share of controversy, but with ethical jewelers such as Ethical Jewels in Brisbane and Paul Bram on our own doorstep on Little Collins Street, customers can shop with some comfort of mind.

Pink diamonds are among the best kept secrets in the world, another aspect of what makes Australia so alluring and unique, showing why its beauty and landscape are so cherished.

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