Aspiring Australian Rapper 2pec Tries to Flee $600 Seafood Bill by Swimming Away

Australias Gold Coast
Australia's Gold Coast | © Jason O'brien / EPA/REX/Shutterstock

What’s more outrageous than an aspiring rapper naming himself 2pec, as if everyone will suddenly forget that 2Pac ever existed? A rapper naming himself 2pec, racking up a huge bill at a seafood restaurant, and then attempting to escape his monetary hiccup by fleeing into the ocean.

The 33-year-old Australian man named Terry Peck supped at Gold Coast seafood restaurant Omeros Brothers on Sunday afternoon. According to, Peck ordered a feast that included two whole lobsters, 21 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, and several Coronas. However, when his $621 ($465 USD) bill arrived, he opted for the dine and dash, but with a panicked, maritime twist. As reports:

He allegedly ran out the door, down the street and eventually into the ocean before being arrested by police officers who followed him in to the surf on the back of jet skis.
He was then charged with one count of stealing and two counts of serious assault.
Peck… was already on parole for an unrelated offence, but Magistrate Joan White granted bail, despite her own incredulity at the size of the restaurant bill.
“My God! By himself?” she exclaimed when told the bill amounted to $621.30.

When asked why he left the restaurant without paying, “Peck said he had run to the aid of a female friend who was about to have a baby on the beach but had mysteriously disappeared,” writes. He added that the lobster was “a bit overcooked,” which the restaurant has denied.
Peck also made a point to explain that he’s been reaching out to Eminem, asking to have a rap battle. Shockingly, Eminem has yet to accept Peck’s challenge.
BuzzFeed discovered Peck’s SoundCloud, and we can safely say that 2pec isn’t the next 2Pac. He also isn’t the next Iggy Azalea.

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