Top 10 Restaurants In Sterling, Virginia

An Assortment of Smoked Fish
An Assortment of Smoked Fish | Courtesy of Mokomandy
Sophia White

With its close proximity to the nation’s capital and the surrounding heritage trails, Sterling attracts its fair share of visitors. Similarly, this Virginia town has been home to some of the major national players, including AOL and the National Weather Service, which has helped this once rural area have more of a big-city feel, all without losing sight of its history. Here is our guide to the 10 best resturants in Sterling, Virginia.

Sushi selection

1. Aoba Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi

Sterling has quite an impressive array of different cuisines for a relatively small city, and this list begins with Aoba, home of the best sushi in town. With claims such as this, it is understandable that the sushi is the main draw here, although for those who are in the mood for something warmer, there are staple Japanese entrées such as yakisoba and spicy ramen that will satisfy. There is an expansive sushi menu to ponder through, and staff will be happy to make suggestions for the uninitiated, and the adventurous.

2. Cheng's Oriental Restaurant

Restaurant, Chinese

Chinese food used to be the Asian cuisine of choice; however, with the rise in popularity of Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese food, it has fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years. Cheng’s Oriental Restaurant is here to remind the Eastern Seaboard why Chinese food used to reign supreme, and why Chinatown, rather than ‘other-Asiantown,’ earned its place in so many of the world’s major cities. As with many Chinese restaurants, the décor lets it down somewhat, but it is clean and tasteful even if it is slightly dated. But the food more than makes up for this. Much of the menu is Szechuan-style, with plenty here for spice fans and for those who want an authentic taste of the Orient. Savor the banquet.

3. Joe's Cafe

Cafe, Diner, Restaurant, American

The sole all American restaurant on our list, Joe’s Cafe, a traditional diner that serves up breakfast, lunch and subs and is a big draw for Sterlingites, offers something for everyone. Pancakes, eggs, home fries, grits, platters, huevos rancheros, and even a few continental items. It can possibly lay claim to the coveted honor of being the best breakfast place in town, with huge offerings for breakfast fans of all persuasions. To guarantee a table, set your alarm very early or arrange a leisurely late lunch as it does get busy. At lunch, you will be treated to the best burgers in town, specialty sandwiches, or various lunch platters. This café is for those who want a good old-fashioned meal.

4. Mokomandy

Restaurant, American, Korean, Cajun

Multi-award winning Mokomandy brings a touch of refinement to Sterling’s Asian dining scene. With a spacious, simple, and elegant interior, complete with high-quality finishings, the restaurant is the town’s premier casual fine-dining establishment, the food being the ‘fine’ part, and the ambience being quite relaxed, helped along by the extensive list of handmade cocktails, wine and speciality beers. The restaurant, like the owners themselves, is a marriage of Korean, Cajun and American cuisine, giving one of the East Coast’s most exciting and varied menus. This is a place to go for those who want to excite their palate and try something truly different, all presented and seasoned to perfection.

5. Pattaya Thai Restaurant

Restaurant, Thai

Authentic Thai food is often hard to come by, but Pattaya transports diners straight to a beach in Ko Pha Ngan or a Bangkok market. The proof of any Thai restaurant really comes in the pad Thai, and Pattaya’s Ultimate Pad Thai, with a complexity of flavors and textures that will make you want to catch the next flight out East, really shines. The restaurant itself is understated, with its location in the Sterling Plaza Shopping Center not really doing it justice, but the food more than makes up for this. The main menu is an adventure through Thailand’s staple dishes, and the chef’s recommendations are always worth a try. Plus the generous portions are certain to keep you satisfied.

6. Romano's Deli & Pizzeria

Deli, Restaurant, Italian, Greek

Continuing the culinary tour through Sterling, go back to the old world at Romano’s Deli & Pizzeria, a family-owned and operated restaurant that brings the flavors of traditional Italian dishes to town. Well, Italian and New York-Italian, with the New York-style pizza, calzones and strombolis being quite irresistible. They are made with traditional red sauce, which includes a family blend of secret spices, a range of traditional and inventive toppings, plus their unique taco pizza, and dough that is freshly made daily. Their entrées are very much served in the traditional family style, with a mixture of Italian and Greek dishes to satisfy your tastebuds, just like mamma used to make it.

7. A Taste Of Burma

Diner, Restaurant, American

This restaurant is an intriguing concept, not least because Burma is one of the most secretive countries in the world, and Burmese food has yet to catch on in any big way. So, for the diner who is looking to broaden their horizons, A Taste of Burma should be added to their must-visit list. Those who do visit will be rewarded with a satisfying menu of complex, tasty dishes that infuse the moreish flavors from the Golden Land. The Golden Mountain Noodles, or Shwe Toung Kaukswe, is the standout dish, with the fermented tea leaf salad also being a big crowd pleaser. The welcoming staff is more than happy to give recommendations, and their passion for the food really is quite infectious.

8. Taste Of Vietnam

Restaurant, Vietnamese, Soup

The next stop on Sterling’s taste tour is Vietnam, with Taste of Vietnam showing that there is somewhat of a theme in the naming of Sterling’s restaurants. The restaurant has been serving the city with the finest Vietnamese food for two decades now, and it seems like the rest of the country is finally catching up with the appeal of this cuisine. The home-cooked Vietnamese fare has bold depths of flavor, which can be added to with the range of accompanying sauces. Again, you can ask the staff for their recommendations, and they will happily give their suggestions. For first timers, pho is always the best starting point. This restaurant offers one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

9. tooSso Restaurant

Restaurant, Pakistani

More than just a run-of-the-mill curry house, tooSso is a vibrant Pakistani kitchen that showcases the urban, contemporary way of experiencing the traditional tastes of Pakistan. Everything, from their rolls and bowls to their sides and sweets, are made freshly on-site, and all of their meat is halal. The décor is bright, welcoming and interesting, with the walls of kites and bottle caps being particularly enjoyable. It is a well-realized restaurant with flavors to rival any fine-dining institution.

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