Where to Eat in Provo, Utah: Top 10 Restaurants to Try Now

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9 February 2017

Nestled in the Utah Valley, Provo may lie in the shadow of the mountains, but its culinary scene certainly doesn’t hide in the wings. Cuisines to enjoy here range from Native American to Sri Lankan, and from Mexican to Indian – for a city considered very conservative, its restaurants are innovative and adventurous. Discover the top Provo restaurants, an update of our previous list.

Provo Utah Temple | © Ricardo630/WikiCommons

Black Sheep Café

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Black Sheep Café
Black Sheep Café | Courtesy Black Sheep Café
Try the eclectic fusion of Southwestern and Native American cooking in Provo’s family-run restaurant Black Sheep Café. The house chefs prepare delicious recipes combining regional ingredients, such as Utah honey, naturally raised meats, and locally grown elements like organic flour and blue cornmeal, with culinary influences from Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi cuisines. Similarly, classic Native American treats like Navajo tacos are recreated with a modern twist. The café’s interior is in style with the kitchen’s direction, featuring decorative elements inspired by Native American culture.

Mountain West Burrito

There’s no better Mexican food than fresh Mexican food prepared with organic, locally grown ingredients. This is what you get at Provo’s Mountain West Burrito, a family-run restaurant where the owners are so caring that they remember your name and your favorite dishes. This is a popular, casual hangout where locals come to linger over a burrito in a communal atmosphere. Each serving is made from scratch with family-farmed ingredients. Every bite promises to be flavorsome and delicious, be it burritos, quesadillas, tacos and the other traditional Mexican staples on offer

Mountain West Burrito, 1796 N 950 W St, Provo, UT, USA, +1 801 805 1870

Southwestern Cobb Salad | Courtesy of Mountain West Burrito
Southwestern Cobb Salad | Courtesy of Mountain West Burrito

Bombay House

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Bombay House
Bombay House | Courtesy of Communal
Regarded as one of the best ethnic restaurants in all of Utah, Bombay House is a must-try restaurant for all lovers of Indian food. Extensive use of wood, booth tables and discreet lighting make the setting a very warm and intimate one. Themed murals depicting the Taj Mahal and other cultural references, as well as Indian tunes playing in the background, cleverly complement the restaurant’s cuisine, which is, of course, the real standout at Bombay House. Choose between a rich variety of delicious chicken, lamb, seafood or vegetarian specialties, or go for one of the sizzling delicacies cooked in the tandoor, a traditional Indian oven.


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The Tree Room at Sundance
The Tree Room at Sundance | © Michael Sheehan/flickr
Provo’s restaurant Communal puts conviviality at the center of the dining experience. Customers are seated at long, communal wooden tables – the highlight of the restaurant’s modern and charming décor – that make this a perfect choice for business lunches or large groups of friends. In fact, Communal has created a special menu specifically designed to cater to groups of guests. The restaurant is big on the farm-to-table movement, so much so that partnerships with local producers and purveyors were arranged to ensure a consistent flow of fresh, seasonal ingredients to the restaurant’s kitchen. King salmon with shaved fennel, and buttermilk-fried chicken with a ragout of white beans, are some of the delicacies you can look forward to when dining at Communal.

Cubby’s Chicago Beef

A large-size sign featuring the silhouette of a cow salutes you as you step into Provo’s Cubby’s Chicago Beef, a cozy little venue specializing in sandwiches and salads, with the sandwiches being the real stars of the show. Options like the Dragonslayer (sirloin patty, spring mix, pickles, smoked bacon, buffalo sauce), the Cockadoodledoo (chicken patty, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, homemade avocado spread) or the Portabella (portabella mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers, provolone cheese, homemade pesto sauce) continue to draw back addicted customers time and time again.

Cubby’s Chicago Beef, 1258 N State St, Provo, UT, USA, +1 801 919 3023

La Jolla Groves

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Inspired by a special dinner the owners had on the Italian island of Capri under a grove of lemon trees, the main dining room of La Jolla Groves is taken over by luscious lemon trees inside the restaurant’s premises. The trees, rising right above the diners’ heads, create a unique and magical atmosphere that has no competitor in Provo. The kitchen introduces delectable modern American dishes, expertly prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Signature entrées at La Jolla Groves include the beef tenderloin medallions with heirloom baby potatoes, asparagus and carrots, and the flavorsome lemon-roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.


Molly’s celebrates the uncomplicated, authentic dishes of North America’s culinary tradition, lovingly prepared like American moms and grandmas cook it at home. 24-hour-smoked beef brisket, meat loaf, good old mashed potatoes, pulled-pork sandwiches, an exquisite slice of tomato basil pie – all the best delicacies that you see in all-American cookbooks are up for grabs at Molly’s, perfectly cooked and full of taste. The hot cheddar biscuit, in particular, is an old favourite of Molly’s patrons. Open for lunch and Friday nights only, this no-frills venue provides a cosy, casual atmosphere that encourages conviviality and conversations.

Molly’s, 753 W Columbia Ln, Provo, UT, USA, +1 801 374 0879


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In Chile, a pantruca is a delicious soup enriched with vegetables and bits of dough in irregular shapes and sizes. From this specialty, the restaurant Pantrucas takes its name. This is a down-to-earth eatery that is all about scrumptious and traditional Chilean fare. Established by Chilean husband and wife Ricardo and Margarita Minond, at Pantrucas you can taste the distinctive flavors of Chile in a range of soups, burgers, fried pastries and other delectable eats. The owners recommend that first-time visitors start their exploration of Chilean gastronomy with the churrasco palta, a steak and avocado sandwich on light, homemade bread.

Station 22

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Station 22 Cafe, Provo
Station 22 Cafe, Provo | © Station 22 Cafe
With his chain of Station 22 cafés, restaurateur Richard Gregory aims to draw the attention to a presentation typical of Californian fine dining, with simple, tasty fare as well as the hospitable characteristic of the United States’ West. Everyday staples, like mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, and sweet waffles, are recreated with a magic-making twist that transforms them into bites for discerning gourmets. In doing so, Station 22 combines familiar, scrumptious fare with the refined touch of a knowledgeable chef.

The Banana Leaf

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A Sri Lankan restaurant in Provo, Utah? It’s true, Ladies and Gentlemen – The Banana Leaf is on a mission to introduce the exotic flavors of Sri Lanka’s cuisine to the palates of Provo’s residents, with the addition of a few specialties from other Southeast Asian countries. The Banana Leaf derives its name from the Sri Lankan custom of serving food on banana leaves, a tradition that this unique restaurant on Provo’s dining scene respects and carries on. Come here to savor the surprising tastes of vegetarian samosas, coconut curry, mango sautéed with fried rice, Sri Lankan lamprice and many other delectable dishes.