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Choosing Vinyl music| © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr
Choosing Vinyl music| © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr

8 Places To Buy Vinyl Records In Houston

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Updated: 24 April 2017
Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Between clothes, photos, and classic ways to listen and play music, the past always seems to find its way into the present. If you loves the sound of the needle on a record, here are eight great places in Houston to buy vinyl records.
Vinyl Turntable
Vinyl Turntable| © Petras Gagilas/Flickr

Heights Vinyl

Heights Vinyl also offers refurbished turntables and speakers, in addition to its wide selection of vinyl treasures. Located off White Oak Drive, it’s easy to spend the whole day searching the bins. Stop by on the weekend; if you’re lucky you’ll catch some local acts performing on the stage in the corner of the store and find some of the hard-to-find albums you’ve been searching for.

Heights Vinyl, 3122 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX, USA +1 281 974 1234

Vinyl Edge

Vinyl Edge is in the heart of the Heights, located off 19th Street. Maybe you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at Boomtown, and you make your way across the street to peruse the record selection. Whatever the reason, Vinyl Edge has one of the best selections in Houston.

Vinyl Edge Records, 239 W 19th St, Houston, TX, USA +1 832 618 1129

Vinyl Diner | ©Krystian Olszanski/Flickr

Vinyl Diner | ©Krystian Olszanski/Flickr

Deep End Records

You may be familiar with this location from the Culture Trip’s ‘places to catch live music in Houston‘ article. The great thing about Deep End Records is that it is also the venue for Walter’s Downtown. Deep End is on to something with its ingenious idea to open a record store inside of a music venue. Flip through an impressive selection of vinyl records between set changes while you catch a show. The store is open Thursday through Sunday from 12pm into the late night, and it also has the best prices in the city.

Deep End Records, 1120 Naylor St, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 222 2679

Cactus Music | © Jeremy Perez Photos./Flickr

Cactus Music | © Jeremy Perez Photos./Flickr

Cactus Music

Cactus Music has a rich history in Houston. The store, like Heights Vinyl, hosts in-store performances and boasts an emporium of rare vinyl. If records aren’t your thing, Cactus Music also has an impressive selection of CDs. Say hello to the store dog; he’s friendly and always enjoys making new friends who will pet him.

Cactus Music, 2110 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 526 9272

Black Dog Records

Speaking of dogs… for more than 17 years, Black Dog Records has been serving Houston with its fine vinyl and CD collections. What’s not to love about the cute logo depicting a bone-stylus on a turntable? Another great thing about Black Dog Records is that it buys your old vinyl. If your collection is too big to bring to the store, a representative of the shop will come to you. Talk about quality service.

Black Dog Records, 4900 Bissonnet St #102, Bellaire, TX, USA +1 713 522 6001

Vinyl Haven | ©Matthias Rhomberg/Flickr

Vinyl Haven | ©Matthias Rhomberg/Flickr

Sig’s Lagoon

If you’re in Midtown, check out Sig’s Lagoon, Midtown’s only record store. Located off the light rail, in an underrated area along Main Street, Sig’s Lagoon offers a wide selection of vinyl records and CDs. Is an enticing concert coming up? Sig’s is your one-stop-shop for music, selling not only albums but tickets to local shows.

Sig’s Lagoon, 3622 Main St, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 533 9525

Half Price Books

Who knew your favorite cheap book chain also sells records? Offering an impressive selection of both vinyl and CDs (depending on location), Half Price Books is an underrated spot to check out music while getting the books on your reading list. Often you’ll find some great deals, too!

Choosing Vinyl music
Choosing Vinyl music| © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr

Sound Exchange

Driving by, it may not be apparent that Sound Exchange is open, but trust us; it is. Located off Richmond and Hazard in Montrose, Sound Exchange offers some of the best deals on CDs and vinyl. Inside a quaint brick home, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to offer suggestions or fix your old turntable. At Sound Exchange, you’re sure to enjoy your experience.

Sound Exchange, 1846 Richmond Ave, Houston TX, USA +1 713 666 5555

By Morgan Cronin

Morgan Cronin has lived in Houston most of her life. She has a BA in Journalism from The University of Oklahoma. You’ll often find her collecting passport stamps or scouting the perfect latte. Follow her on Twitter @Kwik_satik