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© Africa Studio / Shutterstock
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The Best Doughnut Spots In Houston

Picture of Nikara Montgomery
Updated: 11 January 2017
“Doughnuts… Is there anything they can’t do?” These excellent doughnut shops will bring out your inner Homer Simpson, guaranteed. From just plain glazed to toppings like cereal, bacon, and Oreo cookies, bakers have gotten more creative about satisfying Houston’s sugary needs. Here are the best places to go to take part in the doughnut revolution.

Glazed, The Doughnut Cafe

Glazed, The Doughnut Cafe makes fresh doughnuts 24/7. There’s often a line but the wait is definitely worth it. There’s an expansive variety to glaze it up with, like the dirty zebra, the brisket doughnut, and a classic favorite: cookies ‘n cream. The macon (maple icing and bacon) is a must-try, perfectly fluffy with a balance of a sweet and salty crunch that’s irresistible.

1333 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX, USA +1 281 402 1868

Glazed Donuts © Merrimon Crawford / Shutterstock
Glazed Donuts | © Merrimon Crawford / Shutterstock

River Oaks Donuts

A cute little shop on Westheimer called River Oaks Donuts cranks it up a notch with doughnut holes and a plethora of creative flavors. With a friendly staff, superb coffee, and fresh doughnuts at a fair price, what more could anyone ask for? River Oaks Donuts also happens to be one of the three doughnut shops in Houston to sell cronuts, a combination of a croissant and a doughnut that originated in New York City. Amazing, right? Waste no time indulging in one of these.

3601 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 961 9458

River Oaks Donuts © Shutterstock
River Oaks Donuts | © Shutterstock

Mrs. Donuts

Fun and decorative doughnuts that’ll make the kids go nuts! Located in the Memorial area, Mrs. Donuts has a lot to offer, from chocolate bacon to Oreo dirt worms. It’s a one-of-a-kind shop that has something for everyone’s taste and a hospitable staff willing to go that extra mile for the customer. At Mrs. Donuts, they know their customers by name and greet everyone with warm smiles. Although there’s often a line, service is quick and customers are in and out in less than 10 minutes.

14765 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX, USA +1 281 679 1600

Mrs. Donuts | © Shutterstock
Mrs. Donuts | © Shutterstock

Fresh & Best Donuts

Ever wanted a doughnut as big as your head? Look no further than Fresh & Best Donuts, a mom-and-pop doughnut shop in the Bellaire area. The Texas-sized doughnut, which lives up to its name, is soft, scrumptious, and without a doubt the most filling doughnut you’ll ever eat. It’s fresh and fluffy with just the right amount of glaze! The smiling folks behind the counter create a very inviting and welcoming atmosphere that makes a customer feel right at home.

5214 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX, USA +1 713 592 0301

Fresh & Best © Shutterstock
Fresh & Best | © Shutterstock

Delicious Donuts

What makes Delicious Donuts stand out is ultimate freshness. Delicious Donuts serves only the best crisp and flaky doughnuts that are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Order a jelly-filled doughnut, and they fill it right there on the spot. A wide range of kolaches are also available to choose from, and they do sell out rather quickly, so don’t miss out. All in all, a great spot to support a local neighborhood business and its quality food.

13606 Bellaire Blvd # D1, Houston, TX, USA +1 281 495 1912

Jelly Donuts © Anastasia Stoma / Shutterstock
Jelly Donuts | © Anastasia Stoma / Shutterstock