Hidden Gems in Greater Houston, USA

Inspired Mural | © Michael Flores
Inspired Mural | © Michael Flores
Photo of Michael Flores
8 June 2017

Whether you are looking for something to expand your mind or to get you in shape, these hidden gems in Houston will get you out and discovering something new and exciting to do.

Becker’s Books | © Michael Flores

Becker’s Books

An unassuming building just off I-10 near Ikea, Becker’s Books is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. When walking into the store you will be hit by the smell of old leather books and cookies (that Ann, the owner, usually makes fresh every day). The store itself is lined, floor to ceiling, with books, and walking through it can feel like a maze with new and old books as far as you go. The store is over 3500 square feet and is one of the largest privately owned book stores in all of Texas. Even if you are not a bookworm, you will love this store and all it holds.

Beckers Books, 7405 Westview Dr. Houston, TX, USA +1 713 957 8088

Space Cadets| © Michael Flores

Space Cadets| © Michael Flores

Space Cadets

If you like super heroes, comics, or nostalgia, Space Cadets is the place to go. Space Cadets Collections is a comic book store in The Woodlands, but it holds much more than just comics. They also have movie props, lego galore, toys, old Star Wars memorabilia and much more. The main focus of Space Cadets is to be a community based store. Every weekend they have family board game nights, as well as tournaments and other functions in the store almost every day. It is a place the whole family can enjoy and spend time together.

Space Cadets Comics, 27326 Robinson Rd, Oak Ridge North, TX, USA +1 281 298 1111

Leopard Lounge | © Michael Flores

Leopard Lounge | © Michael Flores

Leopard Lounge

Leopard Lounge is one of the coolest vintage clothing stores in Houston. This place is covered wall to wall with clothes from the 1920s to early ’90s. When you walk in, it’s like taking a step back in time, with the funky clothes everywhere plus shoes and suspenders to match. If you have a retro party to go to or just want to bring the ’80s back, this is the place to go.

Leopard Lounge, 1657 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 526 5100

Chinatown | © Michael Flores

Chinatown | © Michael Flores

Houston's Chinatown

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Many people are unaware that there is a large Chinese population right in the heart of downtown Houston. When visiting Chinatown, you can visit the Chung Tai Zen center, as well as many of the temples. There’s no need to travel around the world to experience a different culture, in the temples you experience the rustic feel and Chinese culture. The people that run the temples are always friendly and receptive of visitors, so go explore Chinatown and experience something new.

‘Houston is Inspired’ Mural

In the heart of downtown Houston is one of the coolest murals in all of Houston, located right across from Market Square Park. Whether you are visiting Houston or have lived here for years, this is one of the places you have to visit. There is always a line of people to take pictures in front of it and with cool shops and a small park right next to the mural, it is a cool spot to stop and check out in Houston.

Houston is Inspired Mural, 301 Milam Dt, Houston, TX, USA

Houston Tunnels | © Michael Flores

Houston Tunnels | © Michael Flores

Houston Underground Tunnels

Unlike most cities, at lunch time in downtown Houston, the streets are mostly empty. The reason for that is the vast network of underground tunnels connecting all of downtown Houston. When you go into the Chase Tower, head down the escalator and you will see the first entrance to the tunnels as well as a map of the tunnel network. The tunnels are more like giant hallways that connect the towers and business in Houston, but they are filled with small business and shops. It is a cool place to explore and find something new to do in Houston.

Torchy’s Tacos | © Michael Flores

Torchy’s Tacos

One of the best taco places in Houston is Torchy’s Tacos. This is no hidden gem to the people that live near one; Torchy’s Tacos is a small taco chain around Houston and in Austin. No matter which location you go to, make sure you get there early, there is always a line out the door. They serve breakfast tacos, burritos and everything in between. One of our favorites is the Trailer Park taco, stop by one of the locations and try them out.

Torchy’s Tacos 2400 Times Blvd, Houston, TX, USA +1 713 487 0067

Town Center | © Michael Flores

Town Center | © Michael Flores

Kingwood Town Center

Kingwood is a suburb of Houston and is a growing community. A cool spot to visit is the town center, they have a New York-style Pizzeria as well as live concerts and events in the parks. Every year they put on a huge 4th of July event, and hold car shows fairly regularly. If you’re looking for some family fun or a good date spot, this is the place to go.

Kingwood Town Center 8 N Main St, Houston, TX, USA +1 281 360 5111

Inspire Rock Gym | © Michael Flores

Inspire Rock Gym | © Michael Flores

Inspire Rock Gym

If you’re looking to get into shape this year but hate going to the gym and lifting weights or running on a treadmill for hours, this is the place to go. Inspire Rock is the largest rock climbing gym in Texas. Located in Spring right next to Splashtown, this the perfect place to have fun and get a good work out at the same time. They offer classes on how to climb, teach yoga and have beginner routes to teach you everything you need to know.

Inspire Rock 403 E Louetta Rd, Spring, TX, USA +1 281 288 7625