The Best Restaurants In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge, TN, USA
Pigeon Forge, TN, USA | Photo by Rodney Truitt Jr on Unsplash
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Pigeon Forge offers visitors the stunning Smoky Mountains and a range of seriously good Tennessee and classic American meals. Whether you want fast and friendly family food or a more intimate, romantic experience, the city has you covered with these ten great spots.

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Cakes by Bakin Bishop

For all of those looking to get married in the atmospheric Smoky Mountains, Cakes by Bakin Bishop is an essential stop for a special occasion cake. Beyond special occasions, however, the bakery offers delicious baked goods every day of the week that have made them a local favorite for anyone looking for a sweet treat or two.

Sawyer’s Farmhouse

One of the two restaurants named for Mark Twain novels in Pigeon Forge, Sawyer’s Farmhouse references America’s historical culinary past without feeling old fashioned. It serves American breakfast classics all day as well as a lunch menu of burgers, sandwiches and salads, but most diners come for their pancakes. Made from scratch with homemade syrups and whipped butter, is there any better way to start the day?

Bullfish Grill

Voted Pigeon Forge’s best restaurant, Bullfish Grill has some amazing signature dishes true to their name ‘bullfish.’ Their bull is Grand Champion Angus, and their fish is delivered daily from some of the best fisheries to guarantee quality and freshness. Both are grilled to perfection, served with a hand-picked selection of the finest wines and ales, and your choice of sauce, salad and side.

Huck Finn’s Catfish

A restaurant that makes you feel part of the family as soon as you walk through the door, Huck Finn’s has been a local institution for 20+ years. Offering catfish and chicken in various delicious combinations, including a very tempting all you can eat option, they also offer, steak seafood and a few other special menu items. If you are looking for fast and friendly family food after a long day, Huck Finn’s is a must.

The Old Mill

The Old Mill is housed in (you guessed it) an old mill that is still grinding corn to make flour as well as a number of delicious bread mixes available in the restaurant store. Built in 1830, it is on the national register of historic places and is a popular shopping destination as well as a restaurant serving homey American staples from their own pottery.

Blue Moose

Pigeon Forge’s only family sports grill, Blue Moose is well worth visiting for fans of burgers and wings throughout the state and beyond. Fans of the latter will find them in 16 different flavors, from the harmless but tasty such as Lemon Pepper and Italian Parmesan to a flavor known only as ‘Atomic,’ graded ‘HOT!!!!’ (yes, with four exclamation marks on the menu). Alongside these is a menu of popular favorites for all the family, including hot dogs, sandwiches and their signature Blue’s Big Burgers.

J.T. Hannah’s Kitchen

Named after early 20th century businessman J.T. Hannah, who was famed for hiring the finest chefs to feed his workforce, J.T Hannah’s the restaurant continues this commitment to making the best food available to everyone. The restaurant uses only the best local ingredients, serving the finest cuts of meat in particular.

Alamo Steakhouse

Alamo is not a Texas steakhouse, as its name suggests, but rather a Tennessee restaurant that celebrates the 2,000 Tennesseans who volunteered for the Mexican-American war, including Davy Crockett. The Alamo is committed to serving food good enough to honor them, and it succeeds. With steaks grilled over a roaring oak fire, and served with homemade sides and selection of other dishes, the Alamo Steakhouse delivers up some of the most tender meat in all of ‘The Volunteer State.’

Mama’s Farmhouse

Mama’s Farmhouse offers its diners the best of home cooking with one important difference: their home-style cooking is all you can eat. Based on the time-honored traditional recipes of the Johnson family’s great-grandmother, there is no menu, but a constant supply of food. Southern cooking and hospitality combine to make a family restaurant perfect for big eaters and tourists hungry after a long day of sightseeing.

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