Eating Out In Lawton, Oklahoma

Balearic Sobrassada cured meat sausage from ground pork, paprika and spices © Vladimir Mironov / Alamy
Balearic Sobrassada cured meat sausage from ground pork, paprika and spices © Vladimir Mironov / Alamy | © Vladimir Mironov / Alamy
Matthew Keyte

Lawton stands very close to Fort Sill Military Reservation, which has been hugely important to the economy and growth of the city. The restaurant scene in Lawton is made up of everything from Chinese, Greek and German to classic burger joints and drive-ins serving up the very best craft beers and grilled burgers. Here are the best venues.
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The Silver Spoon

Grilled ribeye beef steak, herbs and spices.

The Silver Spoon is a popular restaurant and bakeshop. The dining area is decorated with antiques and paintings and the building itself is located across from the historic Comanche County Court House. There is live music held at The Silver Spoon several evenings a week—genres on show include jazz, acoustic, blues and traditional folk. On the menu for dinner are hearty classics such as Kansas strip steak, ribeye steak, penne arrabbiata, and confetti meatloaf.

Burgess Grill

The Burgess Grill has very little web presence, but in Lawton it is known as one of the best places around to get a burger, a portion of fries, and some cream pie for dessert. The menu is packed with different types of burgers: opt for the ‘Mexican’ that contains guacamole, the Kamikaziburger with jalapenos, spicy nacho cheese, onions and tomatoes. Alternatively, try the beautifully named ‘Hodgepodgeburger’ packed with Swiss and American cheeses, bacon, mushrooms, and onions.

Burgess Grill, 617 SW C Ave, Lawton, OK, USA, +1 508 355 7473

Wayne’s Drive Inn

The Greatest Burger Ever

Wayne’s Drive Inn is a classic piece of Americana on the Southwest Sheridan Road in central Lawton close to Cameron University. This is a characterful, small-town drive-through serving up classic fare such as burgers and milkshakes. Wayne’s Drive Inn was established in 1950 with a menu that has barely needed to change: you can still order foot long hot dogs, steak sandwiches, grilled cheese and fried or grilled chicken sandwiches, and shrimp baskets, all served up with plenty of onion rings and French fries.

Wayne’s Drive Inn, 7 SW Sheridan Road, Lawton, OK, USA, +1 580 353 7444

Back Porch Drafthouse

The philosophy behind the Back Porch Drafthouse is pretty simple—good, honest food paired with the finest selection of craft beers in southwest Oklahoma. The food menu features classic dishes such as shrimp, spicy chicken wings, nachos, brisket sliders, pulled pork sandwiches and a huge array of Angus beef burgers with a mixture of different toppings. The drinks menu is where things get really interesting: there is a wide range of American craft beers including white ale, lagers, brown ales, IPA, and wheat beers with a mixture of different flavors from the more fruity and hoppy, to full-bodied, chocolate, or richer caramel. You can also pick up rare ciders or foreign beers such as Irish stouts and German and Belgian lagers.

Back Porch Drafthouse, 1925 W Gore Boulevard, Lawton, OK, USA, +1 508 699 2990

Mutti’s German Restaurant

There are strong cultural and culinary links with Germany within Oklahoma. German immigrants came to the state in the 19th century, bringing their cuisine and mores. Lawton’s military connections also mean that many local residents have spent time in Germany on service on US bases where they picked up a taste for German food. Mutti’s German Restaurant was set up by Petra Edmonson, born in Germany to a German mother and American military father, to satisfy demand from locals. The food is focused on the recipes and cuisine of Bavaria so expect lots of schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, liver, currywurst, and leberkaese followed by helpings of decadent Black Forest Gateau.

Mutti’s German Restaurant, 1410 SW Sheridan Road, Lawton, OK, USA, +1 580 353 3928

S and B Burger Joint

Burger on plate

S and B offer up high-quality burgers and even higher-quality beers. The food menu features salads, tacos and range of burgers including the option to build your own or sample the signature ‘Fatty’ burger, made with lots of American cheese, onions and pickles. The selection of beer is huge—diners can choose from brown ales, IPA, Scottish ales and Newcastle Brown Ale, wheat beers, stouts including milk stouts, chocolate stouts, and imported Guinness, classic porters, and Continental lagers. S and B also offers up a curious and innovate range of cocktails like the King Bloody Mary with cucumber vodka and pickled okra garnish, and the S and B Flirtini that is made of a mixture of champagne, cranberry juice, and Stoli strawberry.

S and B Burger Joint, 1060 NW Cache Road, Lawton, OK, USA

Meers Store and Restaurant

The Meers Store and Restaurant is located close to the Wichita Mountains. Meers was a mining town that sprang up following the rush for gold in the 1890s in the Wichita Mountains. By the early decades of the 20th century the area was already in decline, but the Old Meers Store remained as a grocery stop for passing travelers. By the 1950s the store had become known for its burgers and during the 1970s the so-called Meersburger was born. Longhorn cattle were reintroduced to the area in the 1920s and provided the first-rate beef for the burgers. Today the menu at the store and restaurant includes the trademark burgers, lots of steaks, ribs and beef brisket with Meers Gold Beer.

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