Where to Get The Ordinary Skincare Products in NYC, Because They Sell Out Online

@Adventures_ In _Wellness shopping at DECIEM
@Adventures_ In _Wellness shopping at DECIEM | Courtesy of Jill Di Donato

What’s so fabulous about the skincare line The Ordinary by DECIEM? First, everything DECIEM makes contains ingredients of the highest integrity (sulfate, mineral oil, and cruelty-free). Secondly, DECIEM is absurdly cheap, due to no frills packaging, marketing, and ethical pricing.

@Adventures_ In _Wellness shopping at DECIEM

It used to be that you’d go to a store in search of your favorite product only to find that it’s sold out. You’d be relegated to shop online, hoping to find it there. But today, DECIEM, the cult favorite beauty product, famous for pure ingredients and cheap price points, is impossible to find online. This skincare line, which is anti-aging, anti-acne, and offers formulations to hydrate your skin, is so in-demand it sells out in record time. Luckily for New Yorkers, brick-and-mortar shops are popping up with your favorite skincare by The Ordinary, and the shelves are replenished on the regular for beauty junkies seeking their next fix.
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“The Ordinary takes pride in honesty, fights innovation stagnancy in the industry and indirectly celebrates the depth of innovation our brands,” reads DECIEM’s mission statement. So, in other words, the company doesn’t rely on celebs or influencers to offer quality skincare. The word-of-mouth approach to marketing the products have been effective, as the line, which is offered at Sephora, as well as on its website, sells out in a flash.

A brick and mortar shop recently opened in Soho, and several more shops are slated to open in spring of 2018, says a DECIEM representative. So, now you can shop the line, scooping up an entire skincare regime for under $30. Products are full-size and contain special formulations to help combat signs of aging, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and dehydration.

Gentle Retinoids (anti-aging)

Some of DECIEM’s stand out product include Retinoids, which help you achieve the age-diminishing effects (reduction of wrinkles) and are more gentle on the skin than retinol.

Direct acids (exfoliating)

DECIEM offers an array of acids that serve different purposes and treat acne, deep wrinkles, and pigmentation issues. “With acids, you want to start gentle and work your way up,” says a DECIEM representative. So, if you’ve never used acids before, you can start with Lactic acid at 5 percent (great for a mild peeling effect) and then graduate to a 10 percent concentration. The line offers Glycolic acid for toning and exfoliation, Azelaic Acid (ideal for evening out complexion) as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid, a powerful antioxidant (fantastic for brightening and renewing skin tone). All acids will help turn over cells.

Face oils (anti-blemish)

Face oils have been on-trend in skincare for a while, and DECIEM offers a range of organic, cold-pressed oils at the highest purity. From rose hip (great for reducing signs of photo-aging as well as fading blemishes) to Argan (ideal for flakey skin, and can be used in hair too, to promote healthy tresses) oils make for buildable moisture, while calming skin conditions like acne and rosacea. When used properly, face oils can help balance out skin, minimizing breakouts caused by overproduction of oil.

Where to find DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company in New York:

26 Prince Street, (646) 259-3075

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